Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Fascinating date.

So, I'm flying to Virginia to be with my family for the anticipated end of the world (according to the Mayans).  "Desert Girl, do you really believe in that?"  Perhapsee I do, perhapsee I don't, but hey - it is a great excuse to get on the plane a little earlier than usual and hang with the fam (also known as "being annoying and getting on their nerves").

I am rather melancholy about leaving a certain individual behind, Desert Guy (because he literally lives in the desert during camping season).  Not a Bedu - definitely hather, but loves the desert.   I have been having so much fun lately (Mashallah, hot eyes people) that I kind of don't want to miss the fun here (shut uuuuup - I am too serious!).  I met DGy about 6 years ago under strange circumstances (he was getting beaten up by his then-girlfriend, accusing him of cheating.... 'nother story).  Amusing, but not.  Next time I saw him, he revealed that "most women I meet are just after me for my money."  He seemed sincere enough and kind of down because of the realization.  I told him, 'I'm not after you for your money.  I have my own.  I just think you're f-ing HOT.' and then walked away.  I guess I made an impression because we kept in touch (although he was still married at the time and I think I might have still been pining over The Man - bad timing.)  Times have changed... happy sigh.  SweartoGod, if I was independently wealthy (and DGy could put up with me...), I would be living out there in the desert with them for the next few months (they have a jacuzzi in the camp - it isn't exactly like we'd be roughing it).

... But I'm happy about going to Virginia.  I hope that my older sister will be up from Texas with her family.  She's such a positive person and I try to learn from her.  She's Texan and you know how they are:  they can make anything  sound sweet.  She's always giggling and bubbly and an all-around good drinking partner.  When the 3 of us sisters get together, it's a lot of fun.

I've been Christmas shopping online this year and thank God Amazon keeps track of my purchases, because I sure as Hell can't.

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