Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1st Day of Invisilign Braces

So I got my braces (clear plastic trays basically) put in today.  They had to install anchors (little points of enamel that help hold the trays in - or work on particular teeth).  I have one lower tooth in the front that is back a little, so to my great dismay, I have an anchor in the front of my mouth.  They're white enamel so you can't really tell; I can, however, and it is pissing me off.  10 months of that little sucker in the middle of my smile.

The Romanian sent me an SMS today, "Do you really need braces?"  I'm like, I've always wanted straight teeth.  Her reply, "I can understand that.  I've always wanted a bigger ass."  Can't help with that, although I've heard that women (and some in Kuwait) are getting ass lifts and implants.  Brazilian implants supposedly.  Nothing that a few Big Macs couldn't accomplish, I'm guessin.

So back to the braces....

They give you new trays every 2 weeks.  In my case, since I live in Kuwait, they are giving me a bunch.  When I get back here (maybe in a few months), the dentist will check me again to make sure everything is going ok and give me some more trays.

The first time you put in a new tray, it's TIGHT. I mean, I feel the pressure and I'm not liking it.  My sister (who has had them) says you get used to it.  My speech is kind of slurred.  I sound like a fat kid with too much ice cream in her mouth.  It's kind of a slushy/slurry sound to speech.  I'm workin on my diction.  (Look it up, pervs. It's not what you think.)

So, in 10 months, I'll have straight and white (cause they're going to brighten them) teeth.  I'll be Britany,  biotch.


Traveler said...

I had braces as a teenager. So did my girlfriend. We locked up a few times and I got a few cuts as well. All worth it at that point in my life. Based on what happened then I am glad adult women don't have metallic braces. Youch!

Chirp said...

Merry Christmas DG!