Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some thoughts on Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day everybody! 
I love Valentine's Day and I just don't get anyone who is dead-set against it.  Where is the love, people?  Personally (and this is my perspective, so I really don't want to hear the argument against it because zzzzzzzz - jenegiveashitpas) I don't see any religious/anti-religious significance to the day whatsoever. In fact, I believe strongly that most religions are based on love and devotion (God first, to your fellow humans and creatures you share the planet with).  So I'm all for a day that is about caring for others. I'm not just talking about male/female love;  I send stuff to my best friends and family too.  Like....

My dad used to send me cards and little gifts for Valentines Day. I think he loved it too.  I sent him flowers a few times and he used to tell me that flowers aren't just for girls. 

My mom says that the guy who doesn't give you something for Valentine's Day (or makes excuses or ditches) is never going to be serious about a relationship with you. Girls, those are some words to live by.  If a man doesn't care about your feelings or your opinions, then why are you wasting your time on his?  Moms are always right.

I go for all the mushy stuff:  the cards, the chocolates in a heart-shaped box, the red flowers and teddy bears.  It seemed a lot easier when I was 1) back in the States and B) younger and dumber.  When I was engaged (waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back before the invention of fire), my x-fiance used to get me Godiva chocolates in a box and little gifts (diamond ear rings one year - kind of a big thing!).  I was SO spoiled and SO clueless. I just didn't know what I had. (Not that I wanted him and THANK GOD I didn't marry him.)  It was nice to be treated so well and to feel so loved and cared for; even though it has taken me a while to figure out how really special it all was.  (I was somewhat of a mean girl.)

Of course, he might have been doing all that just to get in my pants, come to think of it....  But still.

Hey - Shout out to Special K (this has nothing to do with the above, but he was so nice to me today and I really enjoyed our conversation).  THANKS for the pep talk and for the fast friendship.  I hope you have a great Valentine's Day.  Send her some flowers! This is going to be a special year for you, Inshallah.  We look forward to welcoming you both to the circle of trust. ;) 

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Expat and the City said...

Happy Valentine's Day! (Sorry I'm late with my comment.)I hope you had a great one. :)