Sunday, February 06, 2011

Pinkaliscious Style

I had a great weekend.  Went to Indian food at Mugal Mahal – I haven’t been there in forever.  I refuse to go to the one in Salmiya because I have bad memories there. 

Let me just tell you how great Pinkies Salon is! OMG!  Friday night, I called them to come over and do a pedicure for me and THE MAN.  I have just been too lazy lately to go to a salon.  Plus, I have to find one with the proper pedi chairs…. other than Strands because the girls pay no attention to me there – I might as well have a plastic bag for a head because they don’t make eye contact and they talk in Tagalog the entire time I’m there.  They’re probably saying, “ooooh, American lady have duuurty feeet,” and smiling at each other.  Uh, no, I don’t think so.  Not this girl. (That's what made me learn Arabic -  because I am paranoid and narcissistic at the same time and just KNEW "they" were talking about ME ME ME.)

Anyhoo, Pinkies had time for a pedi at my place (even though I gave very little notice on a Friday evening) and showed up with EVERYTHING.  Pinkies lady (in uniform) set up with pedicure foot baths, and paraffin wax.  They even brought their own stools to sit on.  Then, they set up a tea and coffee service – complete with Pinkies home-made chocolate truffles.  Oh.My.God!  This, surrounded by real rose petals and with a scented candle they brought.  They also asked if we wanted music, but we didn’t like it, so we asked that they turn it off (I had to spend most of the time on the phone anyways with stupid calls).  I can’t relax anymore.  But they made me… More rose petals in the foot bath.   Zoya and Essie nail polish in every imaginable color.  Woo hoo. Foot scrub.  Paraffin with the booties.  Aaaaah…  Then, at the end, they give you a neck massage.  I tried to lock them in, but that would just be wrong…. slave pedicure labor.

The Pinkster is incredibly professional.  They send along comments cards and a note saying that they want to ensure your total satisfaction  (oh yeah – I was fer sure satisfied).  You’ve got a customer for life.

While I was sitting there oohing and aaahing, Spanx called and we talked about what to get for Slaps’ birthday the next day.  I immediately recommended Pinkies and waBAM!  Spanx got a gift certificate.  Slaps, I swear you are going to LOVE it.

We had a little problem before with another at-home salon service that was totally unprofessional.  The girls talked between themselves in Tagalog the whole time (in MY house) and then went to an appointment at Slaps’ and trashed me to her (gossiped about me and my house guest who was there).  Ummmmm … not acceptable.

Anyhoo, so Saturday was Slaperella’s 40th birthday…. Okay, okay, it is not really, but I am loving messing with her. I got there late because I had a meeting in the morning.   We went to the Muhallab Restaurant in the Palms.  That place ROCKS.  I love their fish.  I pre-ordered a cake (because I knew Slaps hates being embarrassed) and asked them to sing (which they didn’t really).  Slaps’ friend (oh snap – what should I call her??? Damn.  Okay, “ChinaGirl”) ChinaGirl brought hats and we all had to wear them (I got a headache and took mine off).  Slaps wore a fluffy headband that said, “Happy Birthday” in pink.  Spanx got a few inappropriate waves from some guy across the room.  They probably thought we were party girls (well…. If the Jimmy Choo fits…).  We laughed a lot – about stuff that I can’t even remember right now.  People in the restaurant were wishing Slaps “happy birthday” as she walked by their table.  She’s a rock star.

I couldn’t figure out what to buy her that she would love, so I just bought all kinds of stuff that I thought she would like.  Now, I can’t stop myself. I’m seeing more and more.  I just wasn’t satisfied by my purchases.  It’s sad.

I had a great day… until a conversation that took place in the night.  That’s okay:  Game on. Bring it!

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