Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm so proud of you, B Al-S!!!

I forgot to mention how proud I am of a young lady in my life.  She's 16 and Bidoon.  I adore her like she was my own daughter.

She (I always call her "Pretty Girl", so I'll keep doing that) was accepted into Amideast's youth exchange program and she will be going to the US to study for a year.

PG found out she was Bidoon in school.  Her parents could never bring themselves to talk to her about it.  It was a source of hurt for them that ran pretty deep;  I can't even imagine being in that situation.  I found out that PG  knew and told her to go talk to her parents - which she did.  She's amazingly mature and insightful.

I had a feeling that she would be accepted to the exchange program because of a series of ironic circumstances.  She was accepted by her own merit; but a few guardian angels who appeared along the way helped her by providing advice and a few kind words.

I'm so so so proud of her.  I just have a deep feeling that she is going to go far in her life.  She always inspires everyone around her and now she has a chance to be a young Ambassador of Kuwait while she's in the US at school.

Please keep writing!  I want to read your books one day.  Whenever you need a push or a kind word, I'm here.


Expat and the City said...

Wow, she sounds amazing! I hope she has a wonderful time during her year abroad in the US.

Jewaira said...

that's wonderful
so pleased to hear that

Anonymous said...

She's not Kuwaiti so she cannot be an Ambassador of Kuwait, I'm close to filing a complaint with the CID about your inciteful posts. Keep stirring the pot, millions of illegal immigrants in the USA with no rights, they get caught by ICE they get deported. Change your own country before you try to change MY COUNTRY. Americans talking about rights? Look at Nagasaki and Hiroshima you killed thousands of men, women and children in a couple minutes. Shame on you Desert Girl, I think i'm gonna stop reading your blog if its this same BS day after day.

All the best,

Desert Girl said...

M -

I wasn't going to publish your comment because it pissed me off, but I thought I would go ahead so that other readers could reply to it because you are such an asshole and truly not indicative of most of your countrymen.

Please - file a complaint. Be my guest. I haven't posted ANYTHING that hasn't already been written about in the newspapers all over the world and all over KUWAIT. Everything is right off the internet posts. Inciteful? Insightful.

People higher up the totem pole of the CID read my blog on a daily basis and know my true love for the country.

Sounds like you have a real chip on your shoulder and are just a hater in general, but an American-hater in particular. Perhaps I should contact the CID and report YOU.

And please - don't F-ing waste my time "I think I'm gonna stop reading your blog if it is the same BS day after day." PLEASE STOP READING MY BLOG. If it is the same BS, why are you even bothering? Why are you wasting MY time?

I am happy that people like B are REAL Kuwaitis - even if she doesn't have official documentation to reflect that.

Shame on you.