Thursday, February 10, 2011

The ONLY Asian Supermarket I have seen like this in Kuwait

I stumbled upon this place today when we went to Freej Eqaab (see below).  In the DC area, we have lots of these supermarkets selling Asian-only products, but I have never seen one in Kuwait.  They have all kinds of food, spices, even cookware from Korean, China, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines.  They also have a small cafe which we are going to try later (no menus, unfortunately, but they did have this flyer below).  Take the same directions as below to Freej Eqaab. The supermarket is right behind the restaurant inside a drive-through mall (would that be a "mo-mall" like a motel?  ha ha).  I'm going to try to take pictures next time.  It is pretty large and very clean.

Are there more of these Asian supermarkets around, people?


Anonymous said...

well, i have searched high and low and have not found anything comparable to the cleanliness and selection as offered by Singarea. If anyone knows of anything like this, please post:-)

Anonymous said...

DG! Thanks a lot for finding this place! I used to shop regularly at the asian supermarket at Muthanna complex ground floor (until the municipality shut it down). Used to amke sushi at home regularly and that store was my source of ingredients. Hope Singarea has all the items I need. Once again, Thanks a lot!!!

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 1:48 - Ironic that you would post at that time because we were having lunch there today while you were writing! It was the first time I tried their cafe. They have an extensive menu and the food was fresh and good. They still have to work out some of the kinks. They are doing construction on their 2nd floor restaurant and it looks like it will be nice. I took a look around today - I think they should have everything you are looking for for sushi making. If not, I'm sure they can get it for you. Happy sush-ing! :)

Kevan said...

We've only been in Kuwait for 2 months, but we have found two small Chinese Shops. Which have the basics (vinegar, tofu, and some pickled veg etc).

One shop is in Salwa block 11 with the other behind the London market.

I'm working at the airport so will pop in to check Singarea.


Anonymous said...

Where abouts is the one in block 11? I've been once but can't remember it's exact location.