Thursday, February 10, 2011

Freej Eqaab Kuwaiti Restaurant in Dajeej

I have often driven by Freej Eqaab, although the only time that I heard the name was when The Man told me (because the sign is in Arabic).  You can see it if you are taking the turn into Dajeej coming from the North (from Jahra towards Miseelah take the exit for 60, but don't get off at 60, stay straight, veer right and there will be a small enterance into Dajeej - close to Kuwait Finance House and where the old Sultan Center used to be but isnt' anymore). It looks like an Arabic house between a bunch of furniture stores.

We went there for lunch. I guess there is an upstairs, but we didn't go there.  We stayed downstairs in the family section.  There are nothing but cabinas - which makes me claustrophobic (but I guess it is great for people dating).  Waitress lady kept shutting the door. I felt like I was in prison, so we kept opening them.  They never smiled the whole time we were there - nobody did. It feel kinda eerie.  Why y'alls trying to lock me in?  Whatchagonnado?

Anyhoo, we had tashreeba (Kuwaiti lasagna with lamb stew and thin bread instead of noodles), qaboot (Kuwaiti dumplings or big raviolis), and mutabaq zbeidi (fish on rice).  They need to add some spices.  The rice was great. The qaboot was good.  I am spoiled on tashreeba because I make my own and I am totally prejudice against anyone elses'.  The lamb was a little tough.  The prices are good.  We paid 7kd for all that plus salad.  Not bad.

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