Saturday, February 12, 2011


I've decided to join in on Slapperella's contest to see who can get more flowers for Valentine's Day, so BRING IT ON!  Flower donations are hereby accepted.

Y, M, A, and all the girls (The Romanian, Slaps, Spanx, Butterfly, Corvette Girl) - thanks for an amazing weekend!  2 nights and 2 days of desert, dessert, and all around mischief.  Y, M, A - I really missed you guys and I'm glad I saw you all again.

I'm glad we decided to go to the South desert instead of the North.  I can't believe how much fun I forgot I could have.  I still can't believe how ironic it was where we ended up (I think it was a sign from God!).  The Romanian:  I still can't believe what happened when we left!  I'm still laughing about it.  Totally cracked me up.  Partners in crime, baybee. :)

On a somber note, February 13th is the day I found out that Shamlan died.  The memory of that day will always stay with me.  I called him to wish him a happy Valentine's day from my hotel room in Dubai.   If I was in Virginia, I would throw a single rose in  the Potomac for you like I used to do - from our place in the park. I miss you, Shamlan, and I can still hear your laughter echoing in my mind.  I know you are never far away.