Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blonde Post

No!  It's not going to be stupid, stupid!

Someone sent me a blonde joke this morning which got me started.  Then, I remembered seeing something at the salon while I was getting my hair blonded about "Latvia's Go Blonde Festival".  ("The event, originally conceived to uplift the public mood during the country’s economic crisis is rapidly becoming a major tourist attraction for the whole region, and is expected to generate significant donations for Latvian child charity.") You go, blonde girls!

While I was reading the article, my blonde stylist talked to me about how many Kuwaiti women go in (Tony & Guy Corniche) to have their hair bleached to blonde; many times, it isn't possible because you really can't go blonde blonde from deep black without 1) turning it orange and B) burning the bejeezus out of it.  StylistGirl said that these ladies are coming in - NOT necessarily because they want their hair blonde, but because their husbands have insisted.  That's bad.  If someguy asked me to die my hair black, mithilin,  I would retaliate (but hey, that's just me).  That's mean.  Why would you have to change to please some superficial dude.  Anyways... now I'm on my box again... don't get me started.

Perhapsee husband dudes should be shipped off to Latvia for the festival.  (Yeah right, then they could do a movie called, "Bye Bye Latvia."  You go home, me go home....)

About the Go Blonde Festival and the International Association of Blondes (members include nuclear physisists, neurologists, lawyers and other professionals)... I wonder if they will give me a card if I become a member?   Then I could be a "Card Carrying Member of the International Association of Blondes."  Yeah baybee.  Legitimicy. 

Romanian, are you in?  The festival looks fun.  I hope they have pink martinis.


Anonymous said...

blondes are my preference,i always look out for them.i hope to make a blonde friend one day.i just dream sometimes of being surrounded by them.

Expat and the City said...

@ Basit ~ Looool. That's too cute.

DG ~ great post. :D Blonde power!