Monday, February 01, 2010

Saudi's Reject Pakistani Diplomat Whose Name Translates to 'Biggest Dick'

Jan-24-2010 Source

Saudi's Reject Pakistani Diplomat Whose Name Translates to 'Biggest Dick'

In Saudi Arabia, size does count.

Pakistan High Commissioner Akbar Zeb
Embassy Photo: Lee Berthiaume
Pakistan High Commissioner Akbar Zeb

(SALEM, Ore.) - A high level Pakistani diplomat has been rejected as Ambassador of Saudi Arabia because his name, Akbar Zib, equates to "Biggest Dick" in Arabic. Saudi officials, apparently overwhelmed by the idea of the name, put their foot down and gave the idea of his being posted there, the kibosh.

Akbar Zib is no newcomer to politics, in fact you could say he's a pretty big deal. This long-ranging high level diplomat has worked with some of the largest members of world governments, players charged with negotiating the outcome of the world's current events.

He most recently served as High Commissioner Designate of Pakistan to Canada, and prior to that he was the ambassador of Pakistan to South Africa,. He also served in that capacity in Washington from 1983-87, and New Delhi from 1994-2000.

He earlier worked at the Pakistan headquarters as section officer from 1982- 83, director from 1987-94 and director-general from 2000-2003.

Miangul Akbar Zib, also whose name news agencies sometimes refer to as Zib, was born on 15 February, 1954. He holds a Masters degree.

Ok - WHO would name their kid that?


Louka said...

hahahahahahahah, epic name. I feel sorry for him, what if he was in boarding school, and they call you by your last name?: 'ZIB, go get the the pussy (cat haha) off that tree branch'. Poor guy, Poor guy

and seriously reject a diplomat because of his name?


Anonymous said...

I have a pretty good idea as to what the topic would be around the dinner table with dad and mom every time Mr.Zib visits on a festive holiday...
I wonder if knives are part of the cutlery.

Not Dead Yet said...

Would you offer a guy a job with a name like "Mike Rotch" or "Hugh Jass"? Anyone?

Not Dead Yet said...

Or "Maya Buttreeks"?

Saad said...

The name Zeb doesn't mean dick in Urdu, the language of Pakistanis. However, the word has an entirely different meaning in Arabic.

Anonymous said...


abolesanzalef said...

Do you think its respect from you to talk about that subject????!!

Desert Girl said...

abolesanzalef - I never claimed to be respectable, now did I? ;)

Desert Girl said...

Not Dead -

Jack Meoff.
Seymore Butts.
Mike Hunt.

.. I have a whole 'nother post about this somewhere on this blog.