Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A melange of thoughts today

Bobarino's birthday is coming up this week and I can't find a blow-up doll anywhere in Kuwait. Dayam. Where can I find the most vulgar, most offensive gift? Any suggestions?

I saw Bu Merdas last night. I know what you are thinking... but ok, dude has been relentless in the calls etc and I figured what the hey. He's a whore - plain and simple. I thought he was decent (for a while and not recently) but somehow/someday/someway, all that squeeky-clean appearance boils down to is someone who is incredibly guarded and a good liar. No one is that good. My mama used to say that if you feel like something isn't quite right, it usually isn't. I never felt 100% comfortable around the guy and now I know why. He's a manwhore. I never trust a man with 2(+) phones. BuM is good at reading cards and I asked him to read mine. He said, "There are 2 men in your life and you don't give a shit about either one." Bada BING. I so hope he counted himself into that statement (cause I did). He read them 3 more times just to make sure; they always came up the same. "I don't see myself in here." I'm like, 'You're not.' (Dude, why should I give a shit about people who don't give a shit about me? I get the concept - get on board.) But hey - it was a fascinating evening in which I learned not only about him, but myself (yawn) AND I ate some machboos diyaay. Oh, by the by, Merdas died of some kind of bird-related illness. Now Bu Merdas is without a falcon. That must be really weird for him.

And now... for something completely different.... (DG fund raising activity)

The Association of the US Army, Kuwait, is looking for sponsors in 500KD and up denominations for their upcoming Spring golf event. The money will also go towards troop events during the year. If anyone would like to become a sponsor in Kuwait, there are good benefits for companies who want work with the military. Please write to kuwait@ausa.org.

I can't focus today. I've had that problem lately.


Anonymous said...
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Lifeloverinkw said...

Hey DG, I need you back on track. Focus on what’s best for you and start writing again.
I do have a social life, but your blog provides more than entertainment for me. I live here and I’ll be here for the next four years, Insha’Allah. I’m a little selfish but I want my DG back.

GeorgeOfTampa said...

I liked your "melange". Melange is my number one kind of dessert! - - and I don't mean desert. Back in the states I consider myself a doctor in the field of "Gender-Based Conflict".

In many ways I can't imagine a more complicated landscape than "Being an American woman in an Arab Land." In fact, yikes!, what were you thinking?! LoL

I have to echo "Lifeloverinkw"'s comments. I want my DG back too! We count on you to keep your head when all around you is going Crazy-Kuwaiti. Let me know what can be done to help!