Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where the F are my Valentine's cards???

Dude, I'm wondering where the hundreds (riiiiiiiiiiiight) of Valentine's cards are that should come pouring into my office are. So, while I'm pondering the thought, guess what happened? I receive a Christmas card - postmarked 14 December 2009. 2 months to get a CARD (thanks Mrs. Kogan! Love ya!)

I check with our dude in charge of picking up mail. He said that he thinks part of the problem is that the sorters in the post office keep piles of mail and don't LIFT them into the PO boxes.

Now, if you have lived in Kuwait for more than 2 weeks, you will know that you CAN'T have anything sent to your home address or a physical address EVER because 1) your mail will end up scattered in the desert somewhere or along the side of the highway 2) Only if you are lucky do you have an actual address that is recognizeable to postal people and 3) if you do have #2 (ha ha), most likely, the building/house number is not market, so that they will just #1 you.
Let me just say - once again - in true Desert Girl-Style:
OMG - how long do ya think it is going to take to get Valentines from my loved ones and admirererers? E-mail is nice, but hard copy is better.


Lifeloverinkw said...

DG: Hmm, that gives me an Idea. I should start one of the Mail Box Store in Kuwait where expatriates can receive their mail and packages for an extra charge with home delivery included, as long as someone leave the phone number of the receiver of curse I’ll charge extra fee for businesses.
All I need is a Kuwaiti girlfriend to start the small business.
DG, I know someone will steal my idea!

Mo said...


A friend of mine told me that the postal office in Keifan provides a good service. They text you once they receive your parcels and it is not as slow as the regular mail service. I think you have to register with them or something.

Hope this helps.

Slapperella said...

I was thinking about getting a valentines card for you but that might confirm to some that we are lesbians and secretly snuck off to the states for a gay marriage and that you aren't really looking for kuwaiti husband - it's just a cover up for your sexuality.

i really don't think we need that. do you/

Anonymous said...

I've heard that the people in the post office go through all the mail that comes and if looks good they take it, like magazines or boxes that look interesting.

Papyrus said...

I have a post office box in Meshref, I used to recieve everything properly on it, but not for the past one year, not anymore, I haven't recieved a single copy of National Geographic since last June, no kidding.
As for the Valentine's, I think the whole day is a big load of crap, being promoted for commercial reasons only.
And come on DG, you know we all love you 365 days a year, you don't need a post card to know that, right?

abolesanzalef said...

DG....its known here among all people that governmental Postoffice is too bad and useless.. so u can use ur work address and any private company like DHl, aramex......but the governmental one...nooooooo

Anonymous said...

I also got 2 Christmas cards this week in my PO Box. Good God...well I was surprised at least :)

ostrich said...

kuwaiti postal service? dont start me about it.yesterday I have spent one and half hour in empty post office to just post my packet.
I have been trying to complain about there services since long time but Iam still there where i have started.
I am now thinking to go to ministry of communication that might be able to improve kuwaiti post.could you believe I lost my parcel last year and now i have ordered some from the same company.since one month iam trying to get this packetwithout any luck.
wish you a nice time us