Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Falentine's Day (Bedouin for "Valentines")

Happy VD everybody!!!!

(Giggles) ... Perhaps I like punishment.

I had a most excellent weekend. First of all, it was Bobarino's birthday bash on Thursday night at P.F. Changs. They have a hubungous party room and the price (for the group) was really reasonable - leading me to want to host my own dinner there. I had no idear that Bobaliscious had so many friends! I thought I was the only one. It was a really nice evening. I ended up getting him this tacky "masquerade costume" football outfit (size small). Apparently, the "ladies" at souq shaabi dont' think it is a "masquerade costume".... hmmm. I can't burn the mental picture of Bobarino wearing this out of my head (mais alas, I am the one who put it there, aren't I?)

I can't remember much of Friday. OH RIGHT - because I stayed home and changed my slipcovers on my sofa. Woo hoo! Big fun. Then, I went to cruise around with Slaps and had dinner at Mais al Ghanim (which was NOT exciting - especially since there were no goodlookinmens around. Sadness).

But then yesterday was good because in lieu of my annual "Pathetic Losers Valentine's Dinner" I had a barbecue for non-losers and it was great. We had so much fun. Sometimes you just get a group of people together and you end up laughing and feeling really up. It was like that. I still feel good today.

My Falentine's Day isn't the greatest today, but I'm in such a good mood that I'm not really noticing. Today is kindof bitter sweet for me anyways because today is the day that I found out that the love-of-my-life (to date), Shamlan, died. (You are gone, but never forgotten. I know you are waiting on the other side.)

(Neither Bu Merdas nor the Hampster called/sent SMSs/sent gifts yesterday. Not that it truely bothered me on an emotional level because my expectations were dead-on accurate, but it just put the appropriate nails in the coffin in both cases.)


Neo said...

Happy Single's Awareness Day DG!

Remedy said...

i.m sure...there will come another person and make bring to yuo hapinness. beleive on your fate dear.

Lifeloverinkw said...

Sad but funny, Oxymoron.
I don’t even know you that well, but I’m feeling your pain. Keep your head up, DG;
Sh-t happens for a reason.

Anonymous said...

On a more general note..
I stumbled onto this blog a week ago and im loving it!!
its like watching an R-rated kuwaiti soap opera with english subtitles!! sweeeeeeeet..
Thank you for pointing out some of the flaws we have in Kuwait and please keep 'em comin!!
i really do hope you keep enjoying kuwait and keep calling it home for a long time to come..

angelo said...

Seriously, with the available friend pool around here from which to draw from below drought level, my wife could use a buddy like yourself. like you, she is professional and well traveled.

nYx said...

HAHAHAH! Happy VD ... roflmao! Or happy Shingles day!!! Hahahahahahahahahahhahahah... you make my day DG!