Sunday, February 07, 2010

Cool Carpet Store

As usual, whenever I shop with Slaperella, I always end up buying something for me (which is yet ANOTHER reason why I never have any money). We went in search of a carpet for her place, and I fell in love with one (b&w) for mine.

If anyone is looking for a good place to look for decorative carpets, these guys have a great selection. The ones we looked at (photos) are 2x3 meters for 50 KD. Try finding THAT price in Ikea or The One.
Nero Carpets, Dhajeej, Twins Complex 2, Shop 11-12, phone: 24344604. Se habla English too.


MKWMDA said...

Thank you! Ive been looking for a place to get a new carpet since I moved here from Texas a few months ago. Love your blog, too!

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