Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Boat Rentals in Kuwait?

Does anyone have either a listing of places you can rent/charter boats in Kuwait
does anyone have individual numbers so I can do my own list?

I get asked every year for such a listing and I have never compiled one. This should be the year since it is such a popular activity in the summer.

There is a place at the far end of the parking lot at Sultan Restaurants Complex, Salmiya seaside, but that is the only commercial place that I know of.

I have been very lucky and alls I have to do is bat my eyes at my friends with boats. Speaking of which, I gotta call Wahabi....


Anonymous said...

check out this site

Their rates are high though....

The one at the Sultan Restaurant offers good yachts at reasonable rates.

and he has a lot of options
1 hour,
2 hour,
8 hour,
week day trip
weekend trip etc etc etc

worth to go and have a talk with him

LWDLIK said...

The tel nr. is 25650674, 25667468 I got the number from a flyer.


I'm going tmrw on a little cruise so will let you know how it is.
I may put it on my blog www.ladieswhodolunchinkuwait.com
if it's great.

Papyrus said...

Please pass on Wahabi's phone number :D

Nicholas Brody said...

Hire a yacht in Dubai is very nice place for tour

eddie ed said...

I am thinking about taking a job in Kuwait. Is it possible to buy a boat to live on? Like when I was working in San Diego, I've lived and cooked bbq on a boat. Are the slpi fees expensive?


Desert Girl said...


I don't know of anyone who lives on a boat. I know of people who semi-live on them, but they always go to back to land eventually.

Yes, the slips are very expensive. Heat in Kuwait is a very big consideration. Anything with an inboard motor is going to give you trouble and in the summer, you will be running your AC 24/7.

San Diego we are not....

Now, if you are taking a job as a captain on one of the bigass private yachts here, you wouldn't have to worry about any of that.