Sunday, February 07, 2010

Do I LOOK Stupid?

I have a friend who is DEAD ON when it comes to reading coffee cups. She is really accurate. She told me that I would meet SIX new men, 3 of which will be good guys, 2 will pursue me a lot, and that I would probably decide on one, change my mind, then give him another chance. I didn't waste any time. I'm up to 4.

(And I know that you are reading this so let me just tell you right now - if you can't even bother to TALK to me before running out the door, you shouldn't be keeping up with my life on my blog. GrowthaphuckUP! You had too many chances.)

I met a man who 1) is very handsome, 2) has a good job, 3) is articulate and intelligent, 4) is very polite/good manners, 5) is a good conversationalist and quite complimentary. We just met through friends - I had never gone out to coffee or met with him socially after our first meeting.

He sounds good, right?

So then (wait for it....) he sends me an SMS (not a call, not during a conversation over like DINNER or anything...) saying, "I have an emergency. I'm sorry to ask you this, but can I borrow 125KD and I will pay you back in 3 months?"

Uh, no.

My question is this: What kind of a mess can dude be in if he is Kuwaiti, has a good job, and has lots of friends that he would need to borrow 125 KD (and WHY that precise amount) from a woman he has just met and not be able to pay it back for 3 months?! WTF. Take a loan - you might not even have to pay it back if they approve the loans payoff bill!

Alternate perspective: I must look rich. I must appear to others like I am oozing money. I must dress SO WELL that people think it would be okay for them to just ask me for a "loan". Yeah, that's it....

(I guess it is my fault because I said I wanted to marry a Kuwaiti to get nationality/retirement!)

Where have all the real men gone?


abolesanzalef said...

I am really shocked once once i meet these siyuations.yesterday once i was waiting my friend's car, i found a man come close to me sying that he lost his kd 30 in a game club and he asked me for kd 1 to go his work..i dont know why i refused but i felt he is not true one..
these situations are too annoyable for most of us.

Papyrus said...

I've been with the same woman for about 20 years, she makes more mony that me, yet, I don't think I dare to ask her for a penny!!!

Baroon said...

DG. You must admit that you attract the most bizarre men!! maybe , he is THAT handsome and THAT inelegant that not hearing to many "NO"s and felt what he is asking is normal !!!!
Its better that he asked through SMS , it made it much easier for you to simply sms him back "No I cant "

7aneen said...

OMG that is so random ! Wierdoooo

Lifeloverinkw said...

Tip for dating: DG, Every time I meet a woman, I go through the same routine. I call it “The honey moon” If in two weeks the lady start acting strange, ask for money, tells me to many problems she is having or if she changes her life story more than once, it’s a no go.
People like to act, but they can’t keep up with their roll that they are playing, then you know who’s real and honest and who’s not.
Take a vacation, stay busy, hang out with friends, read a book (I recommend, The House of Spirit by Isabel Allende) and eventually the right person will come around and he will make you feel … you know, that special feeling.
I know you don’t need my advice, but you gave me a good advice last year.
We are even. :+]

Anonymous said...

What if it wasn't him? his girlfriend or someone? orrr...he is THAT intelligent & realized you liked him & found the way of saying "politely" "Sorry" =)

Butterfly on the Wall said...

GRRROSS! What nerve! Seriously? I would think he was on drugs or had a serious gambling problem. What did you say, I mean text to him? My response would be neither nice or lady like.

Traveleer said...

I'll tell you where all the real men are.. just give me a retainer of ...KD500
totally refundable hehehehehe
On a serious note... more and more people are becoming greedy and have no self-respect or dignity. You will know eventually.

Anonymous said...

OMG, we must meet the same Kuwaiti men. If I'm on a date and he asks me any of these questions..."How much do you make, it must be a lot since you work on AJ?" or "Do you have your own apartment, do you live alone?" - I run the F away!!! I'm happy you are dating again and moving on. Because you know if you take ex back he will just do it again and again. And believe me, he is going to want you back. They always want you when they think they have lost you. I hope you meet someone wonderful. Just keep dating, take it slow and really try to get to know them well. And then you can write about all the crazy ones you meet. Best of luck and I really enjoy reading your blog.

Desert Girl said...

Abolesanzalef - Game club? As in gambling? Kuwait?

Papyrus - Good for you! Got a single brother?

Baroon - Indeed I do!

7aneen - I love that word "random" and unfortunately, it isn't very random in my world!

Lifeloverinkw - Thank you my friend. :) I appreciate the kind words. I know what you mean. Hererin lies the problem with lies: If you tell the truth, you never have to worry about keeping your story streight. I have a bad memory and make a poor liar!

Anonymous 9:06 - Don't really get it, but thanks. Do you mean the money was for his girlfriend or that he could have been asking his girlfriend or someone else? Guys like this will steal money from their grandma's handbag...

Butterfly - Yeah, you're right. I should have come up with something cutting and whitty, but I just don't have the energy these days!

Traveleer - Dude, you are one person that I would DEFINATELY want on retainer! I think the word you are looking for is MUSLA7A! It's true - greed at a base level.

Anonymous 12:13 - We probably do date the same guys and I have heard ALL those lines. My girlfriends and I compare notes on our shared rejects. Maybe we should compile an Angie's List of guys. Tee hee. You are right about the boyfriend. 4 years of the same song...DAMN CHEMISTRY!

Anonymous said...

:) DG,you should accept his request.but with at least 100% interest.and never meet him again.only when he will came to give you money back.with interest,of course :D

your situation it's nothing compare with waht happen with one of my friend.
a "friend" of my friend bought a car,new one,(3-4000 kd)and he ask my friend to be sponsor for him.after few months ,he was fired and comback in his country.
imagine what surprise had my friend when he receive from bank a letter from bank ,that he must pay the car he sponsor for his friend.that guy he left kuwait ,but he din't pay his car ,so the bank came to my friend (the sponsor) to pay the car.
he call his friend,write emails,but no sign of his friend.

see,it can be worst than you :)

Sarah said...

Today, A friend of mine was asking for a list of good, high class, romantic restaurants in Kuwait, now that valentines is near. Being a Kuwaiti, and I know for a fact that even if all the restaurants were high class and romantic, we have the most disgusting people..unless we wipe them all off the face of this earth, there wont be any! spending more than 5 yrs living abroad, what would I know! but thought I'd do a little search and "TRY" to help at least (although I knew I wouldn't find anything!)and so stupidly I type "romantic restaurants in Kuwait" right into google as if I would find a huge list of romantic restaurants! and THERE YOU GO....

>>Desert Girl on Kuwait: I Go to All the Romantic Places
Confused American lady living in Kuwait commenting on daily occurrances through her .... romantic restaurant <<

3RD one down, that's how I came accross your blog.. I LOVED IT! made me laugh so much that I even got my sister to read it and all I could hear was her laughing and snorting in the background!

Back to the "Do I LOOK stupid?" part, girl trust me all the good ones are GONE!...well ok not all but most of them are..there still might be one or two left SOMEWHERE! you just gotta dig deep!
I basically gave up looking for MR.RIGHT cause all I'm gonna end up doing is going through all the ffff`ed up, preverted, close minded bastards just to find my mr.right?! that still doesn't mean that all of them are.

That guy must have been out of his mind thinking he'd get a loan off you! Some Kuwaiti guy's would pretend all nice and "OH i love you", "I wanna marry you", that kinda crap to kuwaiti girls and as low as they are, they'd believe them! fall so deeply in love with them that if they ask for 1000 they'd give them double that blind folded!! Its so ridiculous that a friend of a friend actually bought a CAR for her boyfriend cause he was complaining how his car was so outdated!... a FREAKIN C A R which costs round 23,000!! WTF were you thinking!.
Maybe he was one of those who's just used to it and thought he'd try it on you! stupid move..VERY STUPID!

anywhoo, love your blog, love your humour! keep it up :))

Papyrus said...

@Anonymous 12:13pm:
Of course he'd want her back, who would let a girl like DG go in the first place!!
@DG, thanx, but sorry, no single brother, he'd be the luckiest man in the word if he existed. I know you're a tough girl, only a little unlucky in dating, but I'm seriously seriously so curious to know, what the F you texted him back LOOOL
BTW, how did you know about that grandma's burse story?!! OMG, I knew she wouldn't keep her mouth shut!! I think Anonymous meant that someone else is using his phone to mess with him/you.
@Lifeloveinkw, thanks for the book recommenation, I'll get that one and check it out.
@anonymous 2:38pm, this sponsering thing can get very dangerous, only do it to those whom you knew for years, and knew right well. like you said, it can get really bizare