Tuesday, January 26, 2010

American University of the Middle East?

I have received a LOT of requests for information on this University and have heard very little from friends about it. Does anyone have any feedback? It seems like they are hiring and a lot of people are interviewing.
Their website is http://www.aum.edu.kw/. I know they're affiliated with Purdue. Who owns the university in Kuwait? I notice that they are also affiliated with Human Soft and the scuttlebut on them was not good.
Sometimes you can find info at International School Review. Nothing yet on AUME though.

I received the below recently from a reader (similar to others I've received).

I just wonder whether you could get me in touch with those who already had interview or job with AUME. I really appreciate your advice on this matter. I need to make my decision as soon as possible. I have not read good things about this school. I got an email saying they will cover my ticket and hotel fees.

Thank you


Erzulie said...

Hi, the man it all is Tareq Al-Othman (CEO of AUM); his father established and owns HumanSoft and that other training company.

2 Minutes Story said...

I have applied online and called for an interview, the place is huge and looks nice for the first impression.
i had an interview with human resources director, he's indian and he was very nice to me, however he didnt give me any specifications about the job because they were still establishing the departments.
i have been called maybe a month and a half after it for another interview, with a lady, a syrian one if am not mistaken, she wasnt that nice with a bit of attitude, still didnt mind, and she was trying to use those "so professional tricky questions" when you dont really know whether you should be wise or act normal about them. anyway at the end she said that they have alot of people who they are interviewing and will call me again for a THIRD interview, i got bumped and they didnt call me back, but to be honest i wasnt very happy about her, so guess it was for the best!!
enough with my life story there..
overall, the place looks nice, people seemd nice too, they are still growing and still didnt use all of their sources and abilities, but i do have a good feeling about this university.

Unknown said...

The same thing happened with me, except that I was first interviewed by one Kuwaiti woman and one Egyptian who were both really nice actually. When they did call me back for a second interview it was that Lebanese or Syrian lady who was not too nice either. I could totally relate to the above post, but i just wasn't too comfortable with that lady.
Other than that, very huge place, looks professional, yet i have no further information about it.

Expataussiegal said...

Hope this link helps..

ren_crow said...

American university of the middle east? Thats a bold title for a university if I ever saw one.

btw nice blog!

Anonymous said...

hey desert girl and anyone else do you know any cheap university in kuwait for electronic engeniering or bachalors in bussiness

please reply soon

2 Minutes Story said...

Arab Open University would be the cheapest for Business degree!

Kaan Tuna, Mimar said...

Hi desert girl,

This is Kaan Tuna, Senior Design Architect working for 2 months in American University of Middle East.

I am designing the whole campus and its buildings.

When I read the comments I remembered my tasteless interview history and when I came and moved to Kuwait from Dubai for this position I had many big questions in my mind.

BUT after I have strated with AUM I can tell you that (even I have worked the biggest NY architectural companies which are listed in first 20 best companies worldwide) AUM is the best company that I have worked in regarding the work environment, motivation and professionality.

They choose their staff very hard, and collect all the most positive characters and people around.

The owner is Fahad Al Othman, very kind gentleman and believes in the young and dynamic teams. Our team's average is maybe around 30 only! This team is the main desicion makers for the organization!

I just wanted to share this information with your blog and also I understand that they will recruit MORE in the future because AUM's development speed is doubled these days.



Anonymous said...

Hi Desert Girl and other who replied.

I have just secured a first interview with AUM and enjoyed your post and the replies.

Kaan Tuna, your comments are of greate value - thank you.

I currently teach at the Business School of the Australian College of Kuwait, love my students and how Kuwait challenges my assumptions and habits.

Any comments on UAM's recent performance as an institution or employer will be appreciated.



Anonymous said...

i saw their advertisement online and decided to apply, when they called to schedule and appointment with me i immediately looked online for anything related to AUM employees and i came across this page and i feel like i owe this comment to everyone whos passing through the same situation.. my over all impression was that the environment is very friendly and clean, but the administration is still trembling, everything is decided upon the last minute and employees turnover is very rapid which tells you something is WRONG.. i also believe that Fahad AlOthman (Alkandery) is not dealing with his staff professionally, since he's the CEO, he keeps dealing with the employees and departments personally instead of leaving it to the people in charge. the contract is lousy (salary wise). if you don't mind all of that, then go for it.. or better,don't!

Desert Girl said...

I still don't have any friends who work there directly, so I can't comment on AUM; however, I have had friends who worked for HumanSoft (Kuwaiti and Western) and they told me horror stories about how employees were treated; leading to quite a few midnight retreats from Kuwait.

Anonymous said...

Hello there :)

Well, I just want to say that before few almost 2 weeks they interviewed me for the 1st time & right before I leave the man said that there's a 2nd interview & 3rd..etc, so if they didn't call me back within 2 weeks it means that I am rejected.
So, I assumed now that I am since it's been 2 weeks and they didn't call, but I saw here one of the posts "2 Minutes Story" said that they've called him after 1 month & a half! this sounds weirds and unprofessional for them..but hmm I dunno.. Anyway, I was wondering should I still have hope for them to call me back? or did this thing happened to anyone else? (calling u after a long period of time)?

Wish ya the best to all of u who r searching 4 jobs! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I was interviewed twice over Skype, and was asked to visit the campus to do face-to-face interview.

After reading this blog, I started to feel uncomfortable of going to Kuwait for 3rd interview.

Can anyone comment on my situation and offer me some advice please.


dr House said...

What about Salary at AUM?
thank you for your answer!

Robir said...

I do Not see it that way ,as i have been working for Human soft for almost three years now,i love the culture and the people that work around me.

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, what types of jobs are you all applying for at the Am. U of Kuwait? Are they teaching jobs? Or staff jobs? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It is a terrible place to work. I also worked there and I never heard of Kaan Tuna, which probably means that the person works for Al-Othman or someone. Faculty and staff get fired regularly without any warning. They also make you sign an illegal(against Kuwaiti labor law) contract where you are not allowed to work anywhere else as a teacher if you ever stop working for them. It is extremely unprofessional because I knew at least 10 teachers and a dozen administrative staff who got fired and replaced overnight for no reason. They also purposely and personally come after you once you leave by lying about you, blacklisting you from returning to Kuwait, withholding your indemnity and cancelling your residency among other things. They also make you stay from 8am to 5pm regardless of your teaching schedule. There are many other awful things but I think that is enough. Please, do yourself a favor and work anywhere else except AUM or ACM.

Anonymous said...

I heard from some friends working there that the employee and faculty turnover in that place is very high. the Purdue affiliation is just a marketing tool with no actual presence from Purdue, specially related to how the academic process is conducted. The management is a full monopoly of a Lebanese unprofessional and unqualified mafia gang. none of the Lebanese people filling the main academic positions is actually fit for his job nor had a previous academic management experience They are all friends, communicate everything to each other, and they feel intimidated by any professional faculty or employee, and the result is usually a termination of contract before the end of the 100 days. None of the senior managers is actually professional nor fit for his position, except for a few technical employees.
The management of the place pays more attention to the appearance rather than the actual academic performance. The whole place is run like a large business training center rather than a real professional academic university. My advice if you would accept an academic job there, you better ask them to meet the faculty and management and if hired, don't expect a real academic teaching experience, and expect to be overloaded with teaching beyond what is stated in your contract and there will be no time left for any research work.

Anonymous said...

This is not a university; it is a place where girls and 21'years "children", retards bring their lunch, chips, and drink to classes. Where there is no respect for professors at all; where students will judge you; and they expect you to give them A's. Do not work there. It is a shame how they lie to themselves and operate such a diploma mill!!!!!!!

Anis Allagui said...

Hello guys,

Does anyone have an idea about the expected salary for assistant prof. at the AUME?



CRAP!!!CRAP!!!CRAP!!! DONT WORK THERE!!!IT IS AWFUL!!the Purdue affiliation is just a marketing tool with no actual presence from Purdue, specially related to how the academic process is conducted. The management is a full monopoly of a Lebanese unprofessional and unqualified mafia gang. none of the Lebanese people filling the main academic positions is actually fit for his job nor had a previous academic management experience They are all friends, communicate everything to each other, and they feel intimidated by any professional faculty or employee, and the result is usually a termination of contract before the end of the 100 days.

Desert Girl said...

Over the last few days, I've received a string of comments from what appears to be one very angry either current or former teacher at AUM. While I can understand your frustration at teaching adult brats and being maltreated by employers ("Lebanese mafia" as you wrote), I can't publish your entire strings because they are too insulting.

Blogger.com is free and is NOT hosted in Kuwait. I recommend you open an entire blog on the subject of AUM - maybe solicit input from others with similar experiences. I'll even publish the link.

Anonymous said...

I have been working for the American University of the Middle East for quite some time now and to be honest I haven't seen issues regarding mafias or anything of that sort. I have worked in the past with several global corporations and I have to say that the professional work environment and the capabilities of the staff and faculty far surpass some of what has been described.
I actually love working here. The university as a whole is growing every day. By the time the constuction gets done the campus will rival that of even international universities. One of the best things I enjoy experiencing at AUM is the change of personality which the students go through. Sure sometimes you get those students that dont really care about much (that's the case globally), but then a large majority of these students start developing and the transformation is, simply put, beautiful.
All in all i personally know that the organization running AUM has a clear goal(s) in mind and they are working to make it happen. That goal is to provide REAL education in a REAL university.

Anonymous said...

My Name's Nino and I myself work at AUM and I know Kaan :) I really appreciate the values we have there and I'm proud we are a demanding organization where the people with negative attitude would not feel comfortable as we care who works at AUM. Why is it surprising if candidates have to overcome a few steps (interviews) to be finally shortlisted? Besides, everybody obviously cannot be hired, some people are good but maybe not relevant for the existing position or environment. I don't find it weird at all. I never judge based on others opinions and my experience is really amazing and motivating.

Professional said...

Good morning to all
I need to say a breif things about all what i have read above...
any body could post his opinion whether negative or positive! BUT being in an organization for not more than 100 days and then been fired not a shame! as you might be faced same issue in any other organizaiton out according to kuwait law.
if you 're negative that much and would like to express your feeling that is fine but from my experience i do see it a point of weakness in your character with my respect to you.
I am one of the organization memeber for more than 12 years! I knew well the corporate culture there as this organization focused in your character first then your skills...
Being an experienced person with high skills does not mean a good person with a good character.
Instead of advising people that way,i do wish you a good luck outside with another organization but you need to proof that...as if am an owner i would not recruit such fighters who do much loobying...
simply, if you do not feel comfortable door is open to you to resign and vice versa to the management...
look to the full side of cup not the empty one.
Each day i spent their = 1 year experience in other organization that i would add to them.
Poeple should always learn from there mistakes to grow...not spread there mistakes to others...as others might proof there sucess.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks,

I did go through all the comments about AUM and I am very confused about what I read. Please, bottom line is it a good place to work for or not? Why we should go through all of this when we need a simple honest opinion about some one or a company. I am a family man looking for a better future for my kids so, moving to Kuwait means I will move all my family members with me? Once more, Please tell me is it a good place or not?
Thank you all
Really good Assistant Professor on a search for a better future

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have an idea about the salary they offer for English instructors?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous with kids,May 15, 2012 9:23 AM
Come to Kuwait, BUT AVOID AUM!!!. It is a REALLY HORRIBLEAND NASTY place, and the morale with the teachers is really low. I know some one who works there and it seems like half of the teachers have all resigned in the last month!!!!! AUK - American University of Kuwait (NOT Middle East) and Gulf University of Science and Technology - GUST are professional places and treat their staff well – not like the dreadful American University of the Middlle East AUM. Good luck to and your family.

Anonymous said...

I used to work for aum and I’m extremely glad for getting outta there. I’ve been hearing some terrible stories recently of what’s happening to some of the teachers there . I feel sorry for them. Aum isn’t the place to have a stable job. It’s an organization that is built on lies and mistrust. It treats its teachers in the worst ways possible, denying them basic rights such as respect. Many many teachers have been fired for no reason or without any warning or discussion. From what I hear this year numerous teachers are resigning as they cannot take the working conditions anymore. There is no professionalism whatsoever at that place. The standard of teaching has gone down. Many non native speakers have been hired and the level of English has decreased significantly. How can you teach English if you have problems with it?!!Proper professional Westerners have left that place coz they couldn’t take it anymore. They have been replaced by people who don’t know what the word “professional” means and I doubt they know how to spell it either! It’s a money making business; it’s as simple as that. I agree that aum is developing; it’s developing new ways to torture teachers and make their lives a living hell! If you have a tiny bit of professionalism in you, you’d never apply to such a place. Beware…

Desert Girl said...

Wokey dokey.... I am getting a LOT of negative comments.

I am not going to be able to continue to accept comments as people in Kuwait sue and I'm not about having to go to Kuwait court. Thanks, but no thanks.

I urge commentors to write on the educational forums about this.