Sunday, January 17, 2010

Help AFL at their events

The weather is great, so here are a few things to do:

Animal Friends League and K's PATH (which sorry, is a weird name and I don't like it) will be hosting its bi-annual Shelter Open Day. Friday, 29 January from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at the sanctuary in Wafra.

Free although y'alls who are generally cheapassess should give them a donation to help the poor little furry creatures. Puhleeze, some of you pay big money for playing with kitties... This, however, is a family event. No monkey spaking is allowed (although you can look at their baboons - you just can't touch).

Animal Friends League and K's PATH (which sorry, is a weird name and nobody remembers it because it isn't catchy) will have a yard sale on Saturday, February 6. Call 67001622 to have your stuff picked up and carted away or to get directions and drop off. (Can they pick up my neighbors' noisy kids?)

Thanks, G Man, for passing the info along.

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Angelo said...

Firstly, I would like to say that THE WOMAN and I enjoy your blog immensely. While we don't always share the view that there are glimmers of hope and brother/sisterhood here in Kuwait, we enjoy your style and content.

Now, down to business...This yard sale on the 6th. Will it be something I am accustomed to, or will it be another overpriced, everything is made of platinum,who-can-outspend-who affair. I know, I is for a worthy cause, but realistically, why do people go to yard sales? You know...maybe I am just cheap.

Anyway, keep up pthe excellent work. I have turned a few others onto your site and they love it too.

Oh...and I will ask THE WOMAN about your sleep issue. She is a Doctor here. Maybe you can add her to your staff. :)