Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where have the local English magazines gone?

Have you ever wondered why there are so few English language magazines in Kuwait? I used to write for Kuwait Life and Kuwait This Month - both were excellent and full of information on life here in Kuwait. They are of particular importance to newcomers to Kuwait who look for things to do.

It was yet another example of Kuwait's "democracy" at work. When they went to renew their licenses, they were told that they would be put under the same category as newspapers. Therefore, the owners had to come up with a 250,000 KD bond. Poof - both magazines were out of business.

Isn't it pathetic?

Why doesn't the Ministry of Information launch their own magazine to inform English readers of happenings in Kuwait? They can fill it with as much propoganda as they want - just as long as it is information!


Mathai said...

This is sad, yet another example of bureaucracy destroying private media and entrepreneurship. On the other hand, rising popularity of blogs and easy access to the internet means more people are aware of local events now than they were before! :)

adly said...

actually - magazine licences dont get renewed. If you have a licence already, then the new fees dont apply to you. The reason that so many english magazines close down, is because the main revenue source of magazines is advertising and a lot of companies in kuwait dont care about targetting the expats since their only focus in kuwaities and arab expats. Unfortunate and backwards but true. Hey - thank god bazaar is still alive and kicking after all these years ;)

Desert Girl said...

Adly -

I mighta got it wrong, but I talked to one of the publishers who told me exactly what I posted. I dunno, but both of them went out at the same time.

Do you think it would make a difference mainland Kuwait vs. "free" trade zone?

I know what you mean about the advertising. Many here consider marketing as an administrative task and don't really put a lot of importance into it. The diwaniya advertising can only get you so far.

And yes - we ALL thank God that you are still in business, Mashallah. What has probaby kept you in business is your retentive attitude towards my underwear stories... LOOOL

Keep up the great work, my dear friend!

Your fan.

Anonymous said...

Check out EN.V, its a local enviromental magazine in english.
You can find it in any hotel bookstore and sometimes Sultan.