Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cirque D'Avenues

I dunno about you peeps, but to me The Avenues is a big circus. Slaps and I came up to this conclusion at the same time (she came up with the catchy name). We go there to watch.

Cirque D'Avenues!

Cirque D'Avenues is mesmerizing and extraordinary; the main event a continual parade of clowns in all different shapes and sizes. Clown make-up, clown clothes, clown shoes, clown hair. Some are sad clowns, some are happy clowns, some are horny clowns, some are scary clowns. They arrive stacked like wood in cars and get out in a never-ending procession.

There are the acrobats and contortionists. Lots of those, twisting and sticking out various body parts to the amazement of the audience. How DO they do that?

All the usual carnies are there: The Bearded Lady, the Tatoo Man, a 2-headed snake. And the animals! Shreeking, screaming, wailing scary animal acts!

Cirque D'Avenues takes place every weekend under the big top. There are lots of concession stands and even rides. Admission is free. Fun for the whole family!


New Bride said...

loved the post :)

Frederico said...

Nice post, but I believe that all malls in Kuwait have their general "circus" attraction. I personally think the same (but I'd rather call it freaky show) about Marina Mall during weekends. Thank God I'm not only one who thinks the same :-P

Desert Girl said...

Frederico - yeah the only one, right?

½ Cream Milk said...

LOL .. totally agreed !!

Sparkle said...

Class,do you want a new British friend?