Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Name that vine!

Does anyone have an idea what the name of this vine is? It is growing on (covering!) a fence in Rumaithiya. I took a few clippings, put them in water, and they are growing like monsters. I love it, but I just have no idea what it is. Help?
(There is bamboo in the same vase - the vine with the flower in the foreground is what I am trying to identify).


Extinct Dodo said...

some folks, like my dad, call it ilmaynoona, coz it grows at such an unrelenting speed, and in abundance. its a pest to clean up, those blooms shed like dog hair and you have a new bloom in its place almost instantly. just thought id share this tidbit, sorry I dont have the actual name. Try the nurseries in shuwaikh.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Morning Glory. The variety I know has a matte, fuzzy stem but this leaf shape is right, it does grow like CRAZY, the stuff in the middle (sepal, stamen whatever) looks right, color is right.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Morning Glory is right. Many varieties and lots of differing colours: Google 'Morning Glory pictures' for the full array.

النور العالي said...

I have seen this plant in Florida beaches; it is called "Beach Morning Glory" it has been used in Kuwait mainly as ground cover for its tolerance for summer heat.
You can see it near roads and intersections "Check the gulf road"


Desert Girl said...

Thanks for everybody's help! That's great.