Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cinemagic's Opening Night

Did anyone go to Cinemagic's opening night film, Russian film, "The Banishment"? There was a really cool crowd there - quite diverse. I'm just wondering what other people thought of the film. It was my first time there and I didn't know what to expect. I will definately go back - very cool. They serve refreshments, but there is also a concession stand downstairs. I noticed people brought their own food from fast food places and other people smoked.
The screenings are on the rooftop of the Excite (Al-Ghanim electronics) showroom in Salmiya.

If you would like to attend their showings, add them as a group on Facebook (Cinemagic Kuwait) and they will send you the event notifications.
(Photo from Cinemagic's Facebook site)

I'm very happy to see a small corner of culture in Kuwait. I just don't understand how they are getting away with it as anything that promotes thought here is illegal.


Pineapple girl said...

I was there and went to most of their movies last year. What's nice is that their selections are non-commercial; the kind of movies you wouldn't easily find in the market( at least not in kuwait). Although the movie was a bit too slow, the cinematography blew me away!

Desert Girl said...

Pineapple - I like that they have different types of films - other than action and horror; which seem to be the norm in Kuwait.

The film was VERY slow, but you're right - the cinematography was very nice. The telephones (in the film) drove me crazy!!! I counted at least 6 times the phone rang in the film and it was very loud.

I'm glad I stayed all the way to the end - even though we didn't find seats and sat on the marble slab (I can't even tell you how uncomfortable that was!)

The actor playing Alexander was gorgeous!

The film just goes to show you that seemingly "ideal" families have skeletons; all is not always what it appears.

Pineapple G. said...

I think we were sitting right beside each other :) It's always better to come earlier and most importantly i should get a shawl or cardigan next time, i was freezing up there!!I agree on the loud phone ringing that was almost making my heart stop.I heard good reviews about thursday's movie...