Monday, November 02, 2009

No need for the same old parliament BS

No need for ''radical solutions'' to Bedouns issue: AlـDuwaisan
Al Watan Daily, 2 November, 2009
KUWAIT: MP Faisal AlـDuwaisan said that the Cabinet''s decision to form a committee to look into the issue of Bedouns (stateless Arabs) is a "positive move" accredited to the government. In a press release forwarded to Al Watan, he hoped that the committee "will be just and really seeks to develop realistic solutions in order to do justice to the Bedouns and put an end to their suffering." He also warned of "not developing radical solutions to this serious issue."

What happened to naturalizing 2000 Bedouns per year? That’s not drastic. That’s what a former parliament passed. Isn’t the BS ever going to end? Committees to form committees to discuss committees to form committees and what gets done – NOTHING. Confront the problem, resolve the problem, move on. It is a national disgrace to Kuwait. Anyone who doesn’t believe it – take a drive up to Sulaibiya. Kuwait – one of the richest countries in the world, with it’s own shanty town that the entire country turns a blind eye to.


Mo said...

I know exactly what you mean, and you don't get the dire circumstances of the situation until you see Sulaibiya. I once left my friends place at 5am from Khaitain, and took the wrong way home and I ended up hopelessly lost. And I happened to enter Sulaibiya. I was so shocked Kuwait has a very developed shanty town that's a mere 20 minutes from home. My only regret I didn't take pictures. Corrugated metal housing, and it was Summer so they must have been sweltering. Kuwait gets worse and worse.

Desert Girl said...

If you think that the destruction of trees around Kuwait is bad... every now and then, the Goverment threatens to level that area. Where are the people supposed to go? The Government may say, "Back to your country." Where is your country when your family has been living in Kuwait for generations?