Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Vegetable Market (Souq al Khuthara)

I have been past the veggie market about a gazillion times since I've lived in Kuwait and I've never actually been IN it. I went there this weekend and filled the equivalent of an entire shopping cart full of fruits and veggies for a whopping total of 7 KD. No Dorothy, you're not in Sultan Center anymore. I did go a little craaaaaaaazy, but OMG! It is wonderful! I split most of what I bought so that I could send some to Slapperella.

They have one whole area (enclosed in glass) that has local Kuwaiti produce, and 3 or 4 large areas with produce from other countries. They also have fresh eggs.

They are open on the weekends. From 60 (Ghazali), turn north at 3rd Ring (Canada Dry St). Pass Harley Davidson on left, London Center on Right. At circle, go right to Coal Circle (Dowar al Fahem) and the veggie market is on the left.

By the way, if you ever need items for camping (like aluminum grills, coal, teapots and cookware), Coal Circle is the place to go in Kuwait.


Jewaira said...

You discovered a Kuwaiti secret :P

Anonymous said...

kuwaiti produce might be cheaper, but are sprayed with high chemical pesticides -higher than FDA approved in the US, and you know they do not regulate that here.

High chemical pesticides can cause cancer. Pay extra and eat from sultan center or go organic.

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous - thanks for F-ing up my day!

Do you really believe that TSC is any better?