Monday, November 09, 2009

Stupid Rescue

3 Airlifted From Failaka
Arab Times, November 9, 2009

“Air Force helicopter conveyed three Kuwaiti citizens aged 35, 31 and four years old respectively to Adan Hospital after they suffered psychological trauma during a tour of the Failaka Island.

Security sources confirmed the family had visited Failaka Island for leisure when the four-year old child experienced psychological distress and cried continuously without a reason, resulting in the mother and sister breaking down to tears as well.

Sources added security on the ground reported the situation, while an Air Force helicopter arrived at the island to carry the victims to Al-Adan Hospital. One Kuwaiti woman was reported to have become dizzy and fallen from a height on the island, as the child was crying incessantly.”

First of all, what kind of F-ed up “journalism” is this??? It has no flow, and it doesn’t make sense. The third paragraph could have been written into the first paragraph and then it might have been easier to understand; yet another reason why it is best to pay editors more than KD250 per month. I submit articles to the AT and they never even bother to call me back or respond: Everything happens for a reason.

Next, I think everyone involved should be psychiatrically evaluated. They actually used an air force helicopter for crying tantrums? OMG. I want to slap this family and I don’t even know them. WAAAAAAAAAAAA. The four year old probably had a tooth ache or just wanted to go home. Women – if you can’t handle having children, DON’T HAVE THEM! (Whee! Ma endich khadamaaaaa?)

I’m in no mood for a pity party today. What a bunch of whiners.

In the States, the Government would charge them for the rescue. I think they should do it here too.


jessyz said...

Hilarious. I went to Failaka once, the weather was terrible and it wasn't really interesting and we took the first boat back. Maybe that is what caused the psychological trauma?

النور العالي said...


Don’t believe every thing you read from a news paper that pay 250 for editors; who tend to spice up stories with curry.

Anonymous said...

in the states..they will start charging you for using public toilets soon...

Desert Girl said...

Jessyz - I think that I am VERY lucky because my friends grew up on the island and they are the best tour guides. If you go there to just walk around, your impression is "... dude, WTF?" but if you see it through someone's eyes who has lived there, it is really different.

There are all kinds of legends and folklore about the island - including that parts of it have magical powers. Maybe they were overcome by a jinni. Or curry...

Anonymous 10:02 - what do you mean "soon"? :)

Mrs W said...

"when the four-year old child experienced psychological distress and cried continuously without a reason, resulting in the mother and sister breaking down to tears as well"

I couldn't help but laugh at this one. How did they expect to calm down the child by that? Guess they went with the saying "if you can't stop them..join them" . lol

Desert Girl said...

Yeah - Great parenting skills, right? Some people just shouldn't have children. It's easy.

Maybe the women were jealous because the baby was getting more attention.

Canada Baby! said...

I agree with you! I can't believe they wasted time and money on a crying family. Get over it!!

On another note, I'm fairly new to Kuwait, how do you get to this island that you are talking about? I have read some about it's history and wouldn't mind checking it out one day. Thanks!

Desert Girl said...

I wonder if the men in their family are bigbabies too.

"Honey (sniffle, whimper, wail), I can't stop crying because the baby is crying."

(Long pause followed by sniffle)"What do you mean can't stop crying? Are (pause, whimper) you (pause, sniffle), okaaaay (wail)?"



... ok.... now I am just cracking myself up with this shcidt.

Info on Failaka:

Aggz The Aggressor said...

Yeah...Well, tourism in Kuwait does that to you!

Anonymous said...

i'm sitting in a room with 15 people working and we have over 50 lights turned on (literally, i just counted them). saving money isn't first priority here... neither is a bit of common sense. perhaps the person that wrote the article didn't realise they had injected noteworthy disdain into the story. maybe the child was having an emergency (the woman fell when the child cried? hope the kid never has any real issues and needs tending too) but it does make one giggle. i love the bits in the paper that say "a man was taken to the hospital with a broken leg", "a lost dog was found". its hilarious that in such a controversial region, they are still scratching to fill space... hope the kids ok, and now we all know how to get a really cool free helicopter ride over kuwait!

nQ said...

omg omg if only the air force knew how much I cry when PMSing :(

Desert Girl said...

I wonder if I can get some cute firemen to come rescue me the next time I watch a sad movie....

NQ - you cracked me up! I will call in the National Guard for you, but don't expect a hurry - I know what condition their tanks are in!

rashmirg said...

Journalism in Kuwait is pity shameful at time, especially the events (of all sorts - incidental, planned or others) reports.
Many a times the English language is also pathetic. What I have observed, is that they do a literal translation from the Arabic content, without any creative or grammatic touchup to the content.
Kuwait is a small country and not much of it happens here. Hence there is nothing of substance you can find in terms of local news (except for Internet calling and vice dens) in the Kuwait newspapers.
Have you seen the size of the newspapers? Well, they are never less than 50 pages. It seems newsprint is pretty cheap here, that's why you find over a dozen of newspapers and over 2 dozens of advertising tabloids (of course Free of not only cost, but also content of substance - thats why they are 90% of the time found in garbage bins unopened).
Having tons of money, does not give you the liberty to waste, but instead should give the consciousness to utilize resources judiciously.

whizbabe said...

This is why the lack of journalism skills in Kuwait affect me personally. I have over 3 years of experience in Journalism, 2 of which I spent working at one of the largest and most-red English dailies in the world (the company's based in India). When I moved to Kuwait, I was told that there was a serious need for experienced media professionals. At interviews, I would be told that I had an impressive portfolio, but that they had no openings for me :( I cringe when I see the laughable errors and inconsistencies in language. Still hanging around waiting for that call!