Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DG Index: Salon Picks (Updated 2011)

I've updated this list a little for 2011.  I'm still getting requests/recommendations and that's great - I'll keep adding.  Please feel free to write to me to tell me more.

“Ask and ye shall receive”. I LOVE requests – especially when I have downtime at work and am getting bored being evil to my colleagues. Thanks, Josephine, for asking for this one!



Ashlee at Strands, Fanar, is still my all-time favorite colorist in Kuwait.  After all these years, she is the best.  I don't mind the prices because after searching around/trying other salons, I know that Ashlee will give me the best quality color that will last the longest.  (I even tried Tony & Guy; the color faded.  I also felt like the stylists were more concerned with their own appearance in the mirror than working on mine.) Ashlee is very good at color/highlights and does quality extensions (CHA CHING at 500 kd to begin and 250 KD for after-care). Strands Fanar: 25711237.


Doree at Pineapple Salon in Shaab (off 30 – Fahaheel Expressway) does amazing cuts and did Slapperellas bob (bobs are hard to do) for several years. I don't trust her with color, however. [Why do these ladies think it is ok to put color on hair on roots on hair that has been highlighted for years? It is SO WRONG and messes up your hair bigtime.] Pineapple: 22622100.

People have been asking me about Eden. I used to go to Danielle at Images waaaaaay back when I first arrived in Kuwait. She does great hair – both cuts and highlights - and at reasonable prices. However, she is very difficult to get an appointment with – so much so that I get pissed off about it.

I haven't tried her yet, but Candice (formerly of Beach House I believe) cuts my friends' hair and does an amazing job.  She will go to your home to cut your hair now.  (Write to me for her number at amerab@gmail.com).  My friend, Libra (bflyonthewall@gmail.com or write to me for her number) does an amazing job with a pair of scissors.  You have to go to her home in Egalia, but like my friends say, "She has magic hands" and my hair seems to grow faster after a cut from her.

Cutting Edge is always a safe bet for short, trendy styles.

     Keratin Treatments

I haven't ventured beyond Strands, I must admit.  I trust Ashlee not to damage my hair.  I've had both the Brazilian Blowout and the Chocolate treatments at Strands.  Both had good results; although the Brazilian Blowout didn't last as long as the Chocolate (maybe because I started using the wrong shampoo/conditioner immediately following and no one told me different.  You should use non-sulphate, non-sodium).  Most salons in Kuwait offer keratin treatments that smooth out the hair and make it straighter.  All hair has keratin in it and this replaces what you've lost.  It aint cheap (80 to 200kd - although all keratin treatments are basically the same!):  call around for quotes and make sure the room is ventilated when you have the process done.



2011 Update:  Eden salon does Shelak and Gelish nails that last 2 to 3 weeks. Nails retain their shine and great look for that entire time.  I've been having both manicures lately; however, my nails are so thin/brittle that if I don't immediately go in for another manicure when the Shelak/Gelish starts to chip/peel, my real nails underneath get very damaged.  Gloria or Jane at Eden are both very good. (Eden:  2241-9557)

For just a regular manicure/pedicure and hamam zaid (hot oil treatment): Oriental Princess in Salmiya. 25711255. Oriental Princess does everything on volume with low prices, so a mani/pedi will run around 4 KD. Oriental Princess also gives great hot stone massages in a clean, tranquil environment at around 30 KD.

Note to tha Newbies, Kuwait’s laws on hygiene in salons aint what you might be used to. You might consider bringing your own tools or a bottle of alcohol to ensure that everything is sterilized.


I go for paraffin wax because it makes your feet so soft. I tried the Elements Spa at the Royal Hayatt Hospital and oooooooh my God it was nice. Prepare to be there for a while, and bring a book or iPod. You will be in for an amazing experience – at the same price as you would pay for a paraffin wax pedicure anywhere else.They give you fresh fruit and tea and scrub your legs and do your toes.  O.M.G. The spa is run by Banyan Tree and everything is Thai and tranquil. They also use thai products and paint the wax on your feet (more hygenic than dipping). Royal Hayatt’s main number is 2536-0000 and ask for the spa.

Eden doesn't have the massage pedicure chairs and I'm really picky about that (most places in Kuwait - even the really good quality salons do NOT have massage chairs.)  If I'm going to be anywhere for an hour or more having someone to my feet, I've got to have a decent massage chair because I have a bad back (circus sex - let's not go there).  Please write to me and tell me of salons with massage chairs for pedicures. The only one I know of is Femme Fatale in Mangaf and the pedicure wasn't that great.

If anyone knows of other salons with massage chairs for pedicures, PLEASE write to me!!


     Tan in a Can

Strands – either location. Mary Lou does either spray tanning or the kind that you apply by putting it on like lotion. I’ve had the later: It was like having a massage because first she exfoliates your skin (while you’re on the treatment bed), you go to take a shower, and then you come back and she applies the tan. While you are laying there (lying or laying? Mom?), you can also get your hair deep-conditioned.  It is like having a massage and getting tanned all at the same time.

     Spray Tan & Tanning Beds

2011 Update:  Tantastic in Salmiya does spray tan and also Shelak manicures.  Eden has tanning booths.

I had NO IDEA how many Kuwaiti women were getting fake-tanned, but OMG - I sat in Eden getting a mani/pedi and their tanning booth actually overheated!  The girls were in and out of there every 15 minutes.  I asked if it is a trend and the manicurist told me that Kuwaiti girls don't care about the dangers; they'll come in straight off the beach and ask to use the booth, already read.  WTF.  There are going to be serious skin cancer issues down the road in Kuwait if someone doesn't step up and educate these girls.


I don't do the "Carnie Ho" look.  My friend, Libra, used to work for CNN and does amazing make up.  She is an artist with spray make-up to make you look flawless.  She can turn you into a ho if that's what you want (heeeeyyyy, no judgement here), but I like the simple, elegant look.  Libra:  bflyonthewall@gmail.com.

Although not a "pick":  Hanan Dashti salons do the Kuwaiti wedding make-up look.  Em... not so much for me, but here is her site (and you can also check out photos online):  www.hanandashti.com.  (Ah, nothing says "blushing bride" better than 10 tons of make-up.)  

     Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

First, you can get fake eyelashes put on at almost every salon in Kuwait.  But - if you want them to last up to 6 months, there is only one person in Kuwait I know that is CERTIFIED to do the procedure - and that is Libra.  She does "Extreme Lashes".  It is a 2 hour process where  you lay/sleep on her massage bed and she applies the lashes one-by-one.  (She also has to take them off.)

Ok readers – you are free to comment with your own favorite picks now. I’m sure there are many.


Anonymous said...

I can recommend Beach House Tanning and Hair Salon in Abu Halifa for cut and color. Both stylists are excellent (American and British). 23726868

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the list DG! A little question for the haircuts lady: from your experience can she do more daring haircuts, like say the recent Rihanna one? How much do they charge? Thanks again.

Desert Girl said...

Thanks Anonymous 12:03.

Anonymous 1:02 - I don't know. Doree is very good with difficult styles, but I have more of a Jen/Farrah thing goin' on, so I don't know about precision short cuts. I've always found that if you see someone in Kuwait with a haircut you like, ask them who they go to.

Miemie said...

It is very hard to find a reliable hair dresser in Kuwait! either for style or hair cuts, most of the time you pay much more than the quality you end up with :/
But interesting list though! Especially the Elemis at Al Hayat; I am a big fan of Elemis and know how great Banyan Tree in managing SPA's worldwide! I'm trying that :)

I would also recommend Brush Salon at Abdullah Al Salem Area for hair cutting. A Turkish lady, chisi, is so FAB and the decoration of the salon is glam vintage era.

For pedi & meni, i highly recommend Bubbles! Comfort, cozy and best of all Hygiene! They use new tools every visit, or u can save ur tools in a mini locker they offer for free! Not to mention how professional they are!

thanks for sharing :)

aenateus said...

*mwah* THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1:02 again.Not stalking you but i called Pineapple for an appointment, the funny thing is i told them i got the recommendation from a friend lol well i'm your silent reader if it counts. Thank you so much I was hating my hair recently it got so shapeless and i simply didn't know where to go. Let's hope it goes well!

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 1:02 - you are freaking me out. Did you see the time you posted #2? 1:03... eeerie!

No, you aren't stalking me. That is reserved for the guy who drives by my house nightly to stare at the back-end of my car. Whatever!

I hope that you have a great hair experience! Doree is wonderful.

Unknown said...

DG, there're two explanations, either this is the time she usually gets her free time on the web, right after the lunch break.
well, I wouldn't say this now, I'll wait and see if she posts next time at 1:04

Anonymous said...

hahaha 1:49 so what was your theory Papyrus? I went from waist long to à la garçon and i must say Doree made a wonderful job. I'm so happy with this new look :D. Change is good ....

loya said...

thanks for the salon tips , great timing . but i just wanted to say something very funny about pineapple which i went to last year and had my hair coloured by doree ( which i laughed when i read what you wrote about not trusting hair with hair colour!)
why do they charge you money when they serve you coffee or tea??!?!?!?
have they no shame??

Shanna said...

hi! just found your blog! i'm an american who's been living in kuwait for 2 years now...i agree with the first comment! beach house tanning and hair salon in abu halifa (near kuwait magic) is the best! candice (her mom owns the place)and sophie are both amazing stylists (both formerly of the overpriced soho salon). i've been going to sophie for a year now and she does the "daring" hairstyles. i'm probably the only gal in kuwait with aqua and purple hair! i get a cut/wash/blowdry, highlights, and a base color for 63KD...i was paying almost 80 at soho.

Anonymous said...

HeLLo .. i would also recommend Toppers Beauty salon in mangaf they have been there for a decade now and they are excellent at mani-padi with a smile and high standards of hygiene for every equipment they have and they have this lady for doing great eye brows tel:23711494

allison said...

I just love Fey at soho salon....she is a master of all she does from nails to waxing and tanning and I have seen the new stylist there too, Emilie she was apparently at Eden before.

Anonymous said...

Agalia Salon & Spa...... they are great at it all. I had my hair cut by Jane she was cool and gave me what i asked for. Also Mani & Pedi by girlie, my feet are still amazing.... its an amazing place and great prices give. 22449996

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if anyone has been to the Wella Training Centre in Salmiya? As Wella are the equivalent of Toni & Guy or L'Oreal I just wondered what they were like....I emailed with a request for info on home hair colouring kits and the manager called for a chat before I went ahead with it (though I've been home-colouring for years). He's asked me to go in so he can show me how to use their home products properly...Strange!

Anonymous said...

Hi DG, I am newly arrived in Kuwait and I am looking to know where I can purchase beauty products, more specifically where I can buy waxing supplies. Back home I had thewax warming kits and the paper strips, and did it at home. I would like to do the same here, but don't know where I can buy the supplies. Can you help me? Thanks

Desert Girl said...

Close to the corner of Salem Mubarak Street (same street as Sultan Center Salmiya and Marks & Spencer) and Qatar Street, there is a building with nothing but beauty supplies. It is about 1 block from the corner towards M&S/Marina Mall.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! for the last 3months I was checking on the net and around me where to go to cut my hair. My hair are like my life! I am too scared to give them in a country where I am not from (and flight to France to cut my hair would be too stupid haha...) Who has already tried Franck Provost in Crown Plaza?
I am really lost on where to go to cut my hair as I had very very short hair (but nice) and now they grew up... I need to cut as they look like just a dog you don t take care for a year! Seriously!
If some of you can tell me more about a stylish hair salon who knows how to cut short hair it would be great!

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 1:13 - I have only stopped into Franck Provost and inquired about prices and services. I didn't see any Western stylists (and if anyone knows, please feel free to correct me).

The risk you run with non-Western stylists is that they may be very good (and you would find out through recommendations), but they may not be certified or have had any formal training, so you run the risk of having your hair chopped.

I highly recommend Tony & Guy at Corniche. The senior stylist is Jenna, but all of their stylist are very good. You will pay more, but you will get a great cut.

Anonymous said...

Any update on this post. I have to cut and color my hair within today or tomorrow, and I am still confused between T&G AlShaab, T&G Alcorrnich or Soho. Seriously which one i should go to to do my fine, thin and straight hair and color that suits my pale complexion. Help please

Desert Girl said...

July 5 @12:12 - I am back to Ashlee at Strands, Fanar. I just haven't found anyone who can do my hair as well.

I find T&G Corniche way overpriced and a few days later, your hair isn't looking nearly as good - even the color.

I haven't Tried Soho.

One of my friends swears by Candice at Beach House. I may try her sometime.

Other people swear by Eden, but my one experience there wasn't so great.

Mrs. Primo said...

I hope you get to try SOHO and rate it, so that I can decide where to go for a hair cut and an intense hair treatment. It's tempting to go there coz it is just right around the corner...

Anonymous said...

No one mentioned anything about permenant make up services (face tattoo)!
I heard about a lebanese lady who works for nada beauty salon in baghdad street- salmiya.
Did anyone try that?

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous Nov 6: I wouldn't mind posting about it, but I don't do it and I don't know anyone who does. The closest I get to permanent make-up is eyebrow tinting with henna and for that - I go to Oriental Princess.

expataussiegal said...

I have been going to Sloanes (25753949) on Belajat St just after/before the big roundabout opposite the boat club for the last 4 years and am very satisfied with their range of beauty services. Love the way Lisa cuts my hair.

farah said...

Hi DG,
I commented before on your gelish/shellac post before.. but boudoir salon in surra does both, sterilizes tools, and has massage chairs while you do mani/pedi. the salon is super clean, very pretty (decorated in vintage glam style). i also like that I see the owners there, checking on things and greeting customers too. its really professional and clean. btw love your blog.

Desert Girl said...

Hi Farah. Thanks for your comment. Where is Boudoir and/or do you have the number? Thank you! :)

farah said...

boudoir ia in surra.. the number is 25335951.. its on the street parallel to damascus street, right next to nailtini. if you enter surra from damascus street, take the first u turn, then the 2nd right (the last street before damascus st). keep going straight until the small mosque on your right.. a little past it you will see a small strip that has nailtini, boudoir, and 2 other places.

Anonymous said...

I agree with expataussiegal, Lisa at Sloanes in salmiyah blajat street does an excellent job at coloring and cutting my hair. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

My new best friend and hero is MEZ from Eden. She is amazing. up with the latest trends, and does great haircuts and color.
Shes British & really friendly she takes her time while doing your hair and makes you look like a super model!
Tel: 22419557, Sharq Kuwait City

Anonymous said...

Great Post!
My picks are:
For coloring - Lisa at Sloanes
For extensions - Chloe at T&G
For styling - Lisa at Sloanes

Good luck to all.

Anonymous said...

Eden is amazing, Danielle is the best. Cameo (in Jasim Tower) has Massage pedicure stations. Try out Bubbles nail Spa for a pristine mani pedi....

Anonymous said...

My experience with Ashlee at Strands was not very good but everybody is different!I'm not a natural blonde but it's the color that suits my age and complexion best but it's hard to find people that know what they are doing.

6491976 said...

I'm desperately looking for a good beautician for a facial. And a new place for painless laser hair removal.

Desert Girl said...

Dear Anonymous who left a comment about Tanya Salon in Bnaid Algar:

I have a policy about advertising. If I like a place, I post about it - and as you can see from the note on my opening page, I get payment in pink roses (which some people forget to send after I write something positive, but should not be overlooked nevertheless.) If I have never been there, I won't post about it. I try to keep it real.

While I appreciate your comment, it was more of an advertisement, so I've decided not to post it.

Public Relations: If you want to invite me to your salon so I can make a recommendation (or not - depending on if I like it or not), please take it offline and write to me directly at amerab@gmail.com.

Free marketing advice: Start your own blog. Create a website and a Facebook group (and ads) to generate interest.

SV said...

Went to get highlights from Ashlee after reading your blog... she is good.... she refused to color my hair as I had henna on it already... Good advice! I like the place already!

Got a haircut done by Ashlee after that... and she is fab !! Gathering courage to spend on Keratin treatment next... hope to go soon :-)

Thank you for the suggestion... really appreciate your help :-)

Desert Girl said...

SV - I'm so glad you like Ashlee. She's wonderful - and I recently discovered she's married to a Kuwaiti, so I don't have to worry about her moving away with those hair skills! Woo hoo.

About the Keratin: I really didn't like either type that Strands used on me. I had the Brazilian Blowout (which I do NOT recommend - made my hair fall out - even using their brand of shampoo and conditioner); the other was "chocolate" which was better, but didn't last a long time.

I'm trying to find a salon in Kuwait that uses Copola. I tried it at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa in Virginia and it was fantaaabulous; lasted a long time, conditioned and my hair looked great.

Different salons have different types of Keratin. Boudoir uses Botanicals (I think), Eden uses Nanokeratin. My advice would be to try one of them.

Anonymous said...

I'm back in Kuwait and needing a new style but so confused where to go!?! I've tried Toni & Guy before and they were really good but you pay for it plus the dressers disappear often, AND I really didn't appreciate the lonnnng un-apologetic wait they made us do outside the salon while the finished their meeting. Looking for an affordable place this time to cut/trim my long hair. Any suggestions with price estimate... Thanks so much :-))

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous Mar 18 - You can read some of the other comments on here. If you just want to trim your long hair, you can really go anywhere. Oriental Princess is the cheapest I know of - corner of Baghdad and Amman Street in Salmiya (guestimating 8kd). Doree at Pineapple in Shaab is good (14kd? maybe). Tony & Guy is not my favorite at all.

Anonymous said...

Hello Deser Girl :-). Thank you much for all this info. I have a couple of questions still:

1. Ashlee @ Strands does she do haircuts as well as hair coloring?

2. Also, am confused about Candice. The Candice that is mentioned in comments for haircuts at Beach House is the same person in your original description where you say that Candice (formerly from Beach House) cuts hair at her home in Egaila?? Assuming, it's the same person , can I please get her contact info.

And, which one is best between Ashlee and Candice for style cutting long hair? And approx how much do these 2 charge?

Thanks so much for all your help :-)

Anonymous said...

Hy There is a salon in maidan hawaly which has great services . By the way they have the pedicure chairs . Its called Pure 25619156

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies,

There is a fabulous salon in Egaila next to Bairaq Mall called Top to Toe. Its owned by my lovely friend Rachel. She offers everything from nails, to beauty treatments and has hair stylists. The place is very inviting and all the staff are well trained. If you're looking for a great facial, i would recommend this place. Number is 99389356.

Anonymous said...

Calling all short haired ladies... I'm desparate to find a hair stylist who is a whiz at styling short hair. I've had quite a few bad haircuts and for ridiculous prices. Anyone know of anyone please let me know...
Cheers ladies!

Anonymous said...

First of all, you are my new favorite go-to for nearly everything having to do with Kuwait. Now, about salons... I have gone to good ones, and I have gone to awful ones (which I won't name), but TODAY I took the advice of you and your followers and visited Doree at Pineapple Salon. I think I have found my new hairstylist! I started with relatively short hair (very fine, and thin also damaged from a bad haircolorist), but wanted a trendy, spikey, funky cut. I brought in some pictures that showed the sides I wanted and the bangs I wanted and the back I wanted. She did a great job. Although she did get the little "sideburns" a bit shorter than I wanted, that's to be expected on a first visit. I'm sure next time, she will have a better idea of how I like them. Anyway, I'm one very happy camper, and all for only 8KD!!! Give her a try girls, I think you will be pleased.

tracy said...

Hi love your blog, great info .... i have a home run eyelash extension salon here in kuwait, i was trained in the UK, i am British, and charge 25kd for a set of individual eyelashes (only upper) which will last 3-4 weeks without maintenance and up to 3 months with maintenance. I have a facebook page Hollywood lashes kuwait and can be contacted by email on tracyeghterafi@hotmail.com. Hope its ok to post this and thanks

queenbee927 said...

Based on your recommendation, I used Libra to do my makeup for an evening event. She was fantastic! Gave me the flawless red carpet look. She is also a certified Xtreme Lash professional and tried Libra out for my lashes. You would not believe the compliments I receive on my lashes. They are full, thicker & looks so so natural. Contact Libra if you want a red carpet look - http://illumebeauty.biz/

Anonymous said...

When I arrived for my appointment at Oriental Princess the receptionist was extremely rude and unprofessional!

Anonymous said...

Hola Desert Girl!! We need an updated post!! Its 2013!! :) xx

Desert Girl said...

I just re-read my post. I don't have anything really to update. I haven't strayed from Ashlee for highlights. She does a great job and I'm not going anywhere else.

I found a great salon for pedicures (with the pedicure chairs) - well actually, that's not right - THEY found me.... Boudoir. Awesome pedis. http://desertgirlkuwait.blogspot.com/2011/12/boudoir-salon-go-there.html

Anonymous said...

Hello DG, I was wondering if you have any updates regarding Keratin treatments and best salons specialized in keratin here in Kuwait, specially that I don't want to straighten my hair, I want to keep my curls but make them less fuzzy, softer and manageable.
Many thanks in advance.

Desert Girl said...

Hi Phoebs,

No real updates. I have been having mine done at Red Door spa in Virginia when I need it.

If you want something light that will still give you some waves, then the Brazilian Blowout at Strands (just make sure they turn on a fan because it has increased levels of formaldehyde when mixed).

Sounds like you've had it done before (?) but just incase: Almost every salon in Kuwait does a keratin treatment. They last 6-8 weeks. Make sure that you buy sulfate and sodium free shampoo and conditioner to use at home or it won't last as long.

Anonymous said...

Hello DG, thanks for the prompt response.
I had it done before few times in Egypt, but first time to try it here.. no time to travel to get it done :(
My hairdresser used Collagen Keratin.. it stays permanently though, until of course new hair grows!! so I was expecting that Keratin treatment here will be somehow the same, not just 6 to 8 weeks!!
I thought you said before that Brazilian Blowout at Strands made your hair fall?
I have done some surveys and phone calls :) to ask about Keratin types, the only salon that had Collagen keratin is Eden, but I'm not sure whether they are good or it is gonna be very mild and weak.. this is why I wanted to seek some help from the expert a.k.a. You :))

Thanks again.. awesome blog.

Desert Girl said...

Eden does a great job with hair. You're right. I seem to recall that my hair didn't do so well with the Brazilian Blowout. Check with Eden or Strands to see what they would recommend for wavy hair. Since this post was a few years ago, they might have a different/better product.

monmon said...

Where can I get libra's number for eye lash exetentions ? Thanks

Desert Girl said...

For Libra's number - write to me at amerab@gmail.com, or write to Libra directly at bflyonthewall@gmail.com. She is doing AMAZING photography now too, so if you go to her for a make-over (hair, make-up, lashes), she will take awesome photos of you also.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I've recently moved to Kuwait and been keeping up with your blog for a while, really enjoying it! Just wondering if your recommendation for Ashlee at Strands is stil the same? I'm so fussy with hairdressers, esp. having blonde hair in a foreign country. My hair is light ash blonde highlights, my hairdresser at home (UK) uses a little bit of low concentrated bleach as I do have quite fine hair that breaks quite easy. How is the condition after going to the salon here? My roots are rapidly showing but I'm not sure whether its just worth waiting for home at Christmas as I keep reading a lot of bad things about getting blonde hair done here. Any advice would be amazing! Thanks! :-) x

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am looking for some good placrs where they will do SIMPLE (yes emphasis is sadly needed) simple, henna tattoos... and conveniently priced, at that!! Any ideas?

M. said...

Does anybody know where Ashlee from Strands is now? All I know is that she left Strands a while ago. I've been there for a cut and highlights and Danielle did a really good job. I'm going to be booking my second appointment with her soon.

If anybody is interested in a good nail salon, I absolutely loooove Nail Dressing in Jabriya. Very clean, the staff is very polite and I've pretty much become friends with them, and the salon itself is beautiful (And it seems as not many people know about it because it's never crowded. Yay!). # 25330201

Anonymous said...

Hi , I am searching a saloon where I can get back at least some of my lost hair now living in kuwait for 9 years now hair condition is pathetic.thankfully I got your blog

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous Sept 1: If you have been living here for 9 years, you should know that it is probably the water that is causing your hair to fall. No salon is going to cure that. You should start on treatments and check with a dermatologist. New Mowasat hospital offers hair treatments that consist of injections of vitamins/hair growth ingredients into your scalp. Vitamins such as folic acid, biotin keratin, etc (do a web search) will help. Consult a doctor and good luck.

Unknown said...

She's right!
Also if the Hair Fall is not due to medical, dietary, or stress issues. Lots of ladies experience excessive shedding when over due for a trim. Unfortunately due to the shedding they refuse to trim, because they DONOT trim it sheds more, cycle.

So u can try a healthy trim & I offer Aloe Vera & Jamaican Castor Oil Scalp & Hair Treatments
+965 5594 2923 Tifani

Hairstylist formerly of Beach House American Salon

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where Danielle from Eden's has gone?

Anonymous said...

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Mani/Pedi Spa w/ w/o Polish 12kd
Hair treatment w/ Head Massage 10kd
Deep Cleansing Facial 15 kd
Body Massage 1hr 20 kd
Brazilian Wax 10 kd
full leg 8 kd
Full Arm 7 kd
armpit 5 kd

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Anonymous said...

hello, does anyone know where can i find hair coloring courses in kuwait ?

Unknown said...

Would love it if you could do an updated version of this post, with all your current recommendations.
I moved to Kuwait a year ago and have referred to this blog post multiple times for all my beauty needs! THANK YOU :)

Unknown said...

Pls can anyone help me by suggesting the best place for eyelash extensions