Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jello Brain

I couldn't think of a better title, but it kinda suits my life at the moment.

I had one of those odd weekends again. It was even holierthanshitthatshot so I stayed in on Friday when I should have been accomplishing stupid things. I lived on mangos this weekend. I'm wondering how healthy that is. Is it?

I was watching Showtime whilst on my Deadly Sofa and a commercial for Southpark came on. I’ve been living under a rock (Bobarino told me it is like 10 years old), but that’s some seriously funny shit (I have only watched about 3 episodes of Southpark - I'm really not into animation at all). Lyrics here. I couldn’t believe that Showtime was playing the song. I wonder if Bobarino has heard this. Frickin hilarious. Basically, it refers to “chocolate salty balls.” Cookies, one may ask? Its sung by Isaac Hayes. Go figure! My sister had me listening to Southpark’s skit on ginger kids (kids with red hair). Hysterical. Ok, waaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on my hands (obviously – ergo the blog).

I decided to try a new hairstylist. I’ve been playing around with different ones since I decided that 70 KD/mo was outrageous to pay for hair. I’m against it. I tried a place called Pumpkin (for you in West Virginia, this does not refer to incestuous relations) which was good, but left my hair kinda damaged after a while. I just tried Images and while she did a great job on my hair – it isn’t the color I wanted and the stylist didn’t listen to me. It was 53 KD and I’m not feeling comfortable about that either. As usual, I think that I’m going to have to go to one place for one thing, and another for other things.

P3 update: I’ve decided to move the catfood out to the curb near my car. I have also had to put chili powder around my plants because they have been sleeping ON the plants in the planters. This gets the cats off my patio, but it results in problems for P3 – like other bigger stray cats in the neighborhood fighting for their food. They’re not my cats, they’re strays. I just feel bad for them. (OMG – you have become that weird old neighborhood lady. Get a life.)

I went to an embassy reception on Thursday. The Chairman was there and I tried to ignore him as best as possible – but on the flip side, HE was ignoring me! What is that all about? Is the Saudi ambassador cuter than ME? At least he made the move to come over and talk to me before dashing out the door (he always has something "next" going on - he's all over Layalina; as I discovered while in the salon). I was talking to my Ambassador friend and there was a sheikh dude standing next to him. My friend didn’t introduce me, so I introduced myself, “Hi. My name is (Desert Girl)…. “ and he looked at me, smiled and said, “Oh, I think you know me.” in a somewhat leading manner. OOOOOOOOOOOh yeah, I do! It was a friend that I haven’t seen since 1991 from DC. Shazayam! I didn’t recognize him until I looked in his eyes. No kidding. I had to stop myself from making (more of) a fool of myself because there were video cameras on us and I was about to go all mushy in between my, “Oh my God! Oh my God!s” That was a nice surprise. He was always kind of shy and reserved, but very kind. Seeing him again was way better than flirting with the Chairman – by far.

I skipped the buffet at the reception: Too much possibility for flu and illness with people passing by/breathing on buffet food. I always get sick at buffets - always. They gross me out. Anyhoo, I went alone to have sushi and wait for Slapperella's plane to come in from Qatar. It took me nearly half an hour to get into the parking structure and almost a full hour to get out. Salmiya wasn't any better (dropping Slaps off). It took me another hour from Salmiya to Rumaithiya. Where do we live - Manhattan? sheesh!

The Banker called on Thursday afternoon and I invited him to go to the reception with me, but he said that he was busy. He invited me to his office for coffee. I told him that there was no way that I was leaving my office in the afternoon heat, but thanks (I tried to be a little aloof). It was a nice conversation - kind of like talking to someone I have known for a long time.

So, how ‘bout the new parliament (snore)? I like the headlines in the Arab Times today “Assembly set to meet as bloc threatens walkout”. Dudes, you haven’t even had a single meeting yet and you are already thinking of a walkout? Do you really think that this parliament is going to last? Kuwait is never going to advance with the government the way it is. There is no stability and the direction changes every few years. That’s my commentary in a nutshell.

Yet another of our key managers is resigning and today is his last day. Where are they taking him to lunch? McDonalds. This (economy) is pathetic. McDonald’s. Can you imagine? I’m planning not to be at work for my last day at work. Yeah, that’s my plan. I don’t want to be disappointed. Although at one company I worked for – that consistently and historically said goodbye to outgoing managers as “Don’t let the door hitcha on the way out!”: They gave me a party with gifts and everybody including the owner and the guy (who had shouted at me for 2 years in a row) hugged me and said how much they would miss me. I was shocked – still am, really. Hey – maybe I should go ask for my old job back. Naaaaaaaaaaaw. Bygones. These days, I'm the one doing the shouting.


Anonymous said...

I have a sneaking suspicion that the brain does have a jell-o like texture..
South Park is hilarious by the way (I have all but season 12 on dvd and currently watching season 13..)
The newer seasons really make fun of current stuff in the news =D

Anonymous said...

Do they show south park on showtime ?