Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Animal Rights Protest at Souq al Juma (Friday Market): 28-30 May

A lady wrote to me and said there will be a protest at the Friday Market this weekend incase anyone is interested in attending:

Dear Desert Girl,
I saw your post on animal rights in Kuwait and I thought you might be interested in joining our protest this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Souk il Jum3aa. I'm writing a pamphlet tonight in English and printing out some copies to post in Kuwait English School (my old high school) to get people aware, and hopefully I can find someone to translate it into Arabic. I will also be getting in contact with some magazines like Bazaara and news papers like Kuwait Times. We'll be making our own banners/posters/badges as well as giving out more pamphlets at the protest. Any contribution you can offer will be appreciated, whether monetary, or volunteering your time (even better). You can reach me at nadakhashaba@yahoo.com. I hope we can make a chink in the apathy that is swallowing this country, but even if nobody hears us the point is that we spoke, because if the youth don't speak, who the hell will?

Good for you! I hope you have a large turn out!

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