Sunday, May 03, 2009

So much swine, so little flu

I think I have swine flu (too much swine perhaps). I went to the doctor last week, and then I felt better, and now it is back again. Every year when the weather changes, this is what happens. Plus, I get ear infections. What is that all about?? I haven’t had those since I was a little Desert Girl. I can’t hear out of one ear and it is making me crazy(er). Thank God for pharmacists who will sell me antibiotics (because I'm blonde) without a prescription. Gotta love Kuwait.

Speaking of the Ministry of Hopelessness.... I want to know this: If the MOH is screening people at the airport with heat-detection equipment to see if body temperature is elevated (perhapsee people have the swine) – what about those of us who are normally hot-blooded? Do we need a doctor’s note? I have a very dear MOH friend. I think I'll ask him to come over with a heat sensor. (ooooo that was naughty.....)

Do you know what I’ve discovered? Braissi (gecko lizards) are fascinated by laser pointers. Yes, it’s true. Not just for cats anymore. Endless hours of fun. I wonder if it would have the same effect on dhub.

This morning, one of the P3’s (Petey, the black cat) walked right into my apartment, sat down and waited for my reaction. Desert Dawg was right by her side, wagging her tail. "Look! Look! I brought my friend!" What the hell kinda watchdog is THAT? Is everybody out to mess with me? Et tu, Desert Dawg?!

I had some psychological bullshit thoughts over the weekend that I thought I would share (you don’t have to read this – it is my therapy - you can turn off your computer now or move onto the next blog – especially you big, tuff, unemotional military guys reading this on the base). By the by, let’s take a poll of you military guys… It has been suggested by PilotBob that perhaps you guys would like me to change the color scheme to something more manly…. Like camouflage (so when your buddies walk by, they don’t think you are light-in-the-loafers, a pillow-biter, a piccolo-player, a rump-roaster, a knob-gobblin… NOT Pilot Bob’s words BTW). Would you like me to have a special blog just for you with military colors? Let me know. However, I know that many of you secretly like pink. Don’t lie.

The last paragraph was waaaaaaaaay too politically incorrect. So? Hey, the military doesn’t mind (see last week’s post), so do I? No. Do yo’ thang! Sachet, shante....

Ok, on to the psychological-drug-induced (pig-flu) bullshit…

If someone finds you unique and special (pink), why would they want to change you? If you conform to fit the person that they want to change you into, doesn’t that just make you ordinary and mundane? If they want ordinary, why do they seek special?

When you are in a mixed-culture (or any other) relationship, both sides must make compromises. However, compromise is not one-sided; you can’t give up your entire identity to make someone feel better. You are who you are; you come from where you come from; and you can’t totally conform to someone else’s way of thinking. You have your own.

Anyone who wants you to totally sacrifice yourself to their way of thinking and/or their culture doesn’t love you for who you are. They are trying to make you into someone they think you should be.

People don’t own people. They aren’t possessions. If you think that you can control someone, when you least expect it, you will lose everything. (AKA “Bird in a Cage” – If you love something set it free. If it doesn’t come back, hunt it down and shoot it – or call all its friends – see next paragraph.)

Your dirty laundry should be kept in your own home; don’t air it for the neighbors.

You can’t make everyone happy.


Desert Girl said...

Honestly people - if you don't like what I have to say, stop reading my blog. Move on with your life - stay out of mine. Move along. No hard feelings. Adios. Viya con dios.

Abdullah said...

MoH is bullshit health care is bullshit in kuwait.

"(ooooo that was naughty.....)"

"However, I know that many of you secretly like pink. Don’t lie."
Omg rofl!

so true. if you love some one you should love everything about them even the bad things.
sure you will make compromises and he/she will do as well but some people are selfish and they want there partner to make all the compromises.
at first some partners may agree to that but that will build a bubble even if it was small it will grow in size with time.. tell one day he/she cant take it any more and will blow up in there face's .
that can be avoided from the start by talking to the partner and explaining there feeling honestly.

Dew said...

I love reading ur blog,
You are funny and soo different. Soemtimes people just afraid to rant their thoughts and their feelings.
Keep rocking....

Jewaira said...

I love the word Braissi! It looks so unusual and elegant in English.

KTDP said...

your body temperature is usually slightly elevated from the effects of long haul travel.... it wont work ... just more scare mongering ....

Cooookies said...

Yeah, the safety measurements are way too stupid ! screening for raised temp. ? Seriously WTF !! *sigh* god bless MoH

Desert Girl said...

I saw a newscast about the epidemic and they said that the heat scanners won't work because the incubation stage is 5-7 days before fever. I think if anything, it will be another cause for prejudice at the airport.

Edi said...

The Origin of Pillow Biter is sooo funny. You should look it up.

On the Swine Flu: Imagine the public fervor if there was NO response. Even if it is ineffective, the public responds well to a government ACTING upon a crisis.