Tuesday, May 26, 2009

AlـTabtabaie says will reintroduce bill on women's rights

Is this the same guy? Wow. I am actually impressed by something that he did. How very odd.

It is about time.

Re-print from the Arab Times, 26 May 2009
AlـTabtabaie says will reintroduce bill on women''s rights

KUWAIT: In a press release to Al Watan, Member of Parliament (MP) Dr. Waleed AlـTabtabaie has called on the new parliament to prioritize bills which he and some of his colleagues back in 2008 proposed regarding the "civil and social right of women," which he, and his colleagues, intends to reـpropose shortly in line with voters'' wishes.AlـTabtabaie added that the bill meets the requirements of many demands regarding this issue and "alleviates the pain and suffering of women who used to work in the past but are now unemployed, as well as women who had never taken up jobs visـˆـvis their financial and service rights."He expressed his surprise that the government and other authorities who claimed that they work for the political rights of women have neglected their civil and social rights."The bill addresses many issues, including equal opportunities in terms of employment between men and women, equal wages for similar jobs, social allowances for women and children if her Kuwaiti husband doesn''t receive such allowances, or if her Kuwaiti husband faces legal cases," he explained.AlـTabtabaie further said that according to Article 6 of the proposed bill, women may request a reduction in working hours, with their employer''s approval, as long as she agrees to a salary reduction. He also said that according to the bill women are entitled to 70 days maternity leave, excluding annual leave, and that four months are to be added to this if they are Kuwaiti or married to a Kuwaiti national.He also said that if a woman is to accompany a sick or disabled relative on medical grounds she is also entitled to a special leave according to Article 8 of the bill. They are also entitled to a twoـhour breastfeeding break for a minimum of one year from the date of delivery.AlـTabtabaie is also arguing for fourـmonths leave if a woman becomes a widower, as Article 10 states.In the press release, he specifically focuses on Article 16, which grants divorcژs, widows or women married to nonـKuwaitis the right to housing welfare.AlـTabtabaie finally stated that the bill, if passed, would be a turning point in women''s welfare and care and the idea of equality "will finally see the light of day."


Zaydoun said...

Maybe he fell and hit his head on the curb

Desert Girl said...

I had a girlfriend in high school who got a concussion doing it doggy-style when she hit her forehead on the head board.


Zaydoun said...

Depends... did she do an about-face on previously held positions? LOL

Zaydoun said...

And by positions I don't mean doggy style, etc!

Desert Girl said...

Ah, I adore intelligent, sharp men! :) ... and on comment #2: sure ya don't!

Thats so funny. You cracked me up!

Anonymous said...

hmmm...I would like to see something on sexual harassment and stalking first, but that would probably be really ridiculous to enforce in Kuwait, plus, you know, money does speak louder than words in many cases and it would be nice for women to have legal benefits that actually benefit THEM; a law they could get something out of.

Desert Girl said...

Sourprincess - Who does quite a bit of the sexual harassment? Those in positions where they can abuse their power. I don't think that sexual harassment laws will be passed here because the mindset is too far removed from that thought process. Unfortunately.

Yes - I agree with attaching monetary fines because that's usually what stops things.

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