Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mango Mania

It's maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadness!

Lulu Hypermarket (corner of 4th Ring Road and Airport Road - 55) has a Mango Mania event from 27 May to 5 June. I LOVE mangos. Lulu has mangos from 27 different countries. My goal is to try all of them. I wish my mom was here because she loves them too. We would be living off them.

In addition to plain mangos, everything that they have mango-esque is on the event: mango fish curry, chicken mango kebab, mango chickpeas salad, chicken mango curry mango rice, manco plants, mango juice, mango cake, mango ice cream. Yummmmmmm
I think I'm going to buy some mango plants and see how that works on my terrace. The cats will probably eat them. Dogs love mangos. My sisters dogs go apeshit over dried mangos and Desert Dawg likes the fresh ones.
June 1 2009 Mango Update:
I went to Lulu last night and was horribly disappointed. All the Alphonso mangos are gone and they are down to the bare bones on the others. I bought two HUBUNGOUS Kerala mangos (bigger than anything I've ever seen) and they were amaaaaaaaaazing. There are only about 3 mango plants left and they look like the Christmas Twig on the Peanuts. Very sad.
Ok - Lulu Dudes: The majority of your customers are (mango-eatin) Indians. You must factor that into your Mango Mania equation when you consider your stock and the duration of the event.


ammaro said...

mangos > cool

Anonymous said...

My 7 year old daughter could set up camp at Lulus. She loves mangos so much she stopped breastfeeding when she was a baby after she had mango juice. She will eat only mangos at lunch if they are on the table, she dreams of mangos, takes them to school. I make mango ice cream all summer for her. When she found out her kindergarten teacher was allergic to mangos I thought she would reject her for her unforgiveable flaw, but she came around. OK I've said too much! LOL Gail

george said...

DG, you have to try the Alphonso mangoes. They are from India, have a kick ass taste and they are known as the king of mangoes.
You won't be disappointed.

Abdullah said...

MmmmmMMmm me like mangoes!

abolesanzalef said...

ok Amer
let me check today in lulu for some mangoooo, i like it specially in that killing weather....

Desert-Roses said...

hurtful poster/ad design....

why should I be a graphic designer in Kuwait and see these disasters every day!!!


btw try to buy from Sultan Centre..i bought some yesterday..there were yummy yummy

abolesanzalef said...

again u back to sultan???
you asked before to go another place as sultan high prices ya amerr