Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pole Dancing - Kuwait Style

This is what happens - pole vs car - when you live in a country that doesn't use break-away poles. Frickin ridiculous. I came across this crash shortly after it happened.

Mark posted about break-away poles today also; and I can't believe that some people made comments that if you use break-away poles, they will endanger other people in the area. Property damage, perhaps, but not death. When a car hits a pole in a front-end collision, it does much more damage (kills the occupants) than if it bounces off the roof of another car. Duuuh.

It appears that the young lady who was driving this car (being chased by what the Arab Times terms a "pesterer") made it out ok. There is no spider web on the windshield. She was probably wearing her seat belt.

Word to the wise, ladies: If a guy is pestering you, slow down or do what I do - hit his car with yours. Insurance pays and it is better than killing yourself. If you hit his car in just the right spot (rear quarter panel behind the wheel), you can make him go into a spin and he'll wreck (called "the police maneuver"). It's great for stress relief. Note that this is particularly fun with expensive/exotic cars. Ok I jest (maybe): Take out your mobile phone and start snapping his photo. 9 times out of 10, dude will take off.

This is the Gulf Road, my friends. On long stretches, why not put in speed b(h)umps like they do in Abu Dhabi? Flashing lights remind drivers to slowthafuck down before they hit them. Makes sense, right?


ammaro said...

ok i dont think that piece of advice about crashing into dudes who follow you is a good one to be giving out :p

Desert Girl said...

Ammaro, Why? What's your point? :)

abolesanzalef said...

I still remember that car at Gulf road that week

Desert Girl said...

Abolesanzalef - Yeah, but did you see the pole dancer?

ammaro said...

the point is people might actually use it, maybe?

i dont think guys should harass girls in the streets, but even if they do i dont think its equal punishment to sort of crash their car ;p

abolesanzalef said...

really no,
but may be next accident i can see.