Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rola Dashti

Mabrooooooooooooooook Rola!!!!!!

All your struggles and perseverance have finally paid off.

I remember when you slept next to your desk in the Kuwait Reconstruction Office in DC in 1991, working so hard that your mother shook her head in worry over you.

I remember seeing your brothers meet in the street in Kuwait on Liberation Day 1991: Salah in the Resistance and Jamal as an interpreter with the US Army. CNN captured the moment and showed your mother watching it happening live from Washington, DC and finally knowing that both of them were ok - with tears running down her face.

I remember sitting with ne're do well men who skoffed at the idea that you could make it in politics and I remember thinking that they were idiots - as they chose to rape Kuwait working for personal benefit in politics.

To those people said you were "too Lebanese", not married, not belonging to any major group, "too this" and "not enough that" - I say 'IN THEIR FACE!'

I have met very few people who have Kuwait's best interest at heart the way that you do - who are willing to fight for what they believe in - even in the face of strong opposition on different sides. You fought when others gave up.

Finally, Kuwait is voting for QUALIFIED candidates - not just by who their family members told them to vote for or who paid the most for a vote. Someone who has been Chairperson for Kuwait Economic Society with a PhD in Economics from Johns Hopkins is qualified.

Good on you, girl! Time to take it all to the next level - give them a good run! We are so so so so proud of you.


ZoN said...

Congrats Dr. Rola
its about time.. its the time to show them how its done..
im surprised how shallow ppl can get!
they forgot all the qualifications she has and start judging her by her accent.. i cant see what the other MPs with the kuwiati accent have done to us so far..
at least she has a Phd not a primary or high school degree like others.

Allah ywafiq aljame3 inshallah

and thanks for the nice post :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful election. My first clue was out to lunch with Kuwaiti friends when the man turned to me and said "today I voted for a Shiite woman. This is what the real Kuwait is about. She was the best qualified." :-) This is one of the happiest days I can remember.

Anonymous said...

She has a dual citizenship (American) as you know, which is against the law. She stopped the coal project when she was in KISR, only to steal the project from the original investors and take it to ALSAGIR family (the rest of the corruption is public knowledge with that project).
Now I can go on and on (specially on her -stupid-argument for health insurance), but I'll stop my self...

A very disappointed AM44

Desert Girl said...

AM44 - waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
First off - if you want to look at dual nationals - half the population of Kuwait is dual national - you'd have to send a lot of top dogs in the country to jail if you want to enforce that one. I wasn't aware that Rola had a dual nationality.

As for the rest of your comment - dunno wallah.

Sorry you're disappointed. I'm NOT! na na naa naaa naaaaa

Like, who did you vote for instead? Hadbah?

Jewaira said...

It's a happy day for Kuwait regardless of what the doom and gloom people say

Abdullah said...

"Anonymous said..."

LOOOL! AT Anonymous well if you know the law the law clearly say's you cant have 2x jinsia literally it didn't say anything about passport and counter's like USA UK and most of the EU don't have jinsia or something really equivalent to it the only have a passport so that law can't hold up in court agents ppl with passport.
On the other hand ppl who have double jinsia like Kuwait/KSA Kuwait/UAE Kuwait/Bahrain will have to chose one of them.
With a good lawyer Dr.Rola can walk out of court keeping her Kuwaiti jinsia and American Passport. ;)
Coal project was a BIG FUCKING disgrace it was stealing AShkara 3eny 3enek (read AlWatn news paper they made a long investigation about it).
and health insurance will keep you and your kids safe. ;)

Anonymous said...

your reader abdullah said "Coal project was a BIG FUCKING disgraceas stealing ashkara" ..aside from the spelling mistake and colorful language, she stole that project after rejecting it in KISR on economical and environmental grounds, then took it to other investors, inflated the price, and quit her job and ran with it... she even attended all the meetings with the oil sector companies to negotiate on different matters!

The health insurance issue... am sure one can make the argument that the collapse of the most powerful economy in history is due to health costs (because of insurance) ...maybe you can educate him! But again you are a desert girl would you know :)

NOW FOR THE CITIZENSHIP MATTER... no one said send them in jail... I did not even say do not break the law... all am saying is: if you have broken the law, do not run for office! Of course inelegant abdullah made the argument about passport blah am sure you can explain to him the process of getting an American passport for those not born in the US.

Now can i barrow that lovely blood pressure thingy you have!


Anonymous said...

Dr. Roula's qualifications are top notch for sure. However, one must not forget the following:

1) She was against the 5 Constituencies

2) She has dual citizenship (against the law) - I know others do, but they are also Breaking the Law of the Land!

3) Hello, she does belong to a major group in Kuwait. Hint: the same group that got Dr. Masomah in the top of the 1st Constituency

I have nothing against her accent, and she definitely done a lot for Kuwait. But I would say not more than those who stayed back and fought in here and spilled their blood......and still got shafted by the stupid government

Abdullah said...

About dual citizenship
this is the Kuwaiti law read it.

Heath insurance HAVE nothing to do with the economical meltdown of the US/world economy.
that happened because of the banks that kept giving morgues based on assets and when the banks needed money the basic average guy could not pay and that made alot of them to sell there assets and because there is alot of real estate for sell the price dropped and that's basic economy 101 "supply VS demand" and that made the banks lose alot of money when banks lose the money every one lose it dos have a long explanation if you want to know more about it search
Peter Schiff in youtube or google he saw it all coming from 2006.

And I'm talking about health insurance like what Canada have not like what the US have.
US health insurance policy sucks no offense Desert Girl.

About the coal project it was a disgraces don't you agree?
I haven't seen any evidence that involve Dr.Rolla with the coal project but the coal project was encroachment on public wealth wasn't? that's all i said.

oh about the spelling comment I'm sorry that i have dyslexia..

don't mean to make you angry or anything i just said my opinion that i have developed from reading around and this is democracy.

Hussain said...

Dr. Rula really deserves to be in the Parliament, despite what all the haters may say.

AM44, your argument does not make sense. I'm sure Dr. Rula was against the 5 constituency for a reason. I was pro reducing them but now we have 20 seats guaranteed for tribals -- and nothing is wrong with that, except that they are elected through primaries, which is against the law.

Now, regarding your horrible racist remark about Dr. Massouma and Dr. Rula being Shiites, I must say I really really really cannot have any respect for you. This racism, this negative focus on differences really makes me sick.

Desert Girl said...

I'm discontinuing comments on this post now. I like Rola Dashti and this isn't a debate forum on healthcare or political projects, so I be zappin comments now.

someday said...

lol, ya will see

Anonymous said...

you speak a lot of SHIT when you state that Dr. has dual citizenship or passport you r just envy that a women made it better than you, she is a kuwaiti first and always not like you . On the Coal project get your facts right she was out of KISR for more than 3 years when KPC brought forward the project again to benefit other investors, but Dr. presented a proposale where the government get money rather then paying money, you envy people get all worked out and just speak like crying babies. I will say how much did you do for your country compare to this lady, then talk.