Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sense of Entitlement

About a month ago, a friend (I aint namin names) asked if she could have her birthday party at my apartment. She said she wanted to have it at a hotel, but that she was short on money and couldn't do it at her place because it is too small. So, she said that she would get a caterer to have it at my place. Sounded like a plan.

As the days got closer, I told her that she would have to send her maid over to help out – clean and whatever. Agreed. She asked me to invite a few of my friends who she likes. I did.

The Romanian and I bought her a CD/DVD/Cassette unit – a nice one – and we dropped it by her apartment earlier in the week. Ms. Thang isn’t the most gracious person in the world which, yes, should have been my first clue.

So, night before her party (Thursday night), she asked me if I wanted to go with her to another party. I declined (most of her friends are really young and I’m not into the pre-school crowd).

Forward to day of her party: at 10 am, I started sending SMSs (no answer on her phone). ‘When are you coming over to help? When is the food going to arrive? Did you get a cake? What about drinks?’ This went on from 10 until 4… when she woke up and called me. I decided to let her chill for a while. At 6, I called her back (people were supposed to show up around 7:30). I asked her where she was, “At the salon. I’m just doing my hair.” That’s when I lost it.

‘WTF am I – your MAID?’ “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’ll be over right after I finish my hair.” ‘Oh no you won’t. Cancel it.’ Sheeeet – I didn’t have time to do MY hair! So, she did and had many tearful phone calls to The Romanian who, unfortunately, got stuck in the middle of it all. Poor Miss Thang - Somebody call a WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmbulance! Sorry, birthday or not, I have no sympathy. You can frickin boo hoo all yas want. I’m out. I was so pissed off that I cancelled the whole shabang. I would have been Pure Evil all night long and quite frankly, I didn’t want to put my REAL friends through that.

All told, Miss Thang wanted the following:

She expected me to order/pay for a cake for her.
She expected me to order/pay for drinks and appetizers.
She expected me to clean – prior and post party.
She had only invited 1 person. She was expecting me to fill in her guest list.

You might ask – why not just have the party and invite my friends? After she cancelled the caterer, there was no food. Miss Thang hadn’t ordered a cake or even drinks – so I was completely unprepared to host anything.

Now, Miss Thang is upset at ME… “Why did she talk to me like that?” (asking her if she thought I was her maid). You’re mad at ME? That’s rich.

Um, WTF?? I’m not a charity organization and unless you’re paying me (and I’m expensive), I don’t work for you, regardless of who you are. My own mother wouldn’t be so bold as to expect these things from me. What is WRONG with people? I can’t even begin to imagine doing something like this to one of my friends – or anyone else for that matter.

I frantically called all my friends to cancel – and as imagined, some were pissed and probably won’t show up for the next fun thing I do at my place. I tried to remember everyone I had invited and inevitably, I forgot a few. It turned out well in my favor because I got to catch up with my friend, Saud, who I haven’t seen in years. He doesn’t like parties/crowds anyways, so we got a chance to talk (and break my diet by taking me to Baskin Robins).

I had a somewhat quiet weekend – I got my sushi fix on. I had lunch on my friend’s boat with his brothers that I haven’t seen in a really long time. I ate more fish. I caught up with some old friends. I laughed. Everything is back to normal in my world. Phuck the entitlement!


george said...

Applause, applause.

By the way i saw your name mentioned in the Friday Times.(22 May)

Anonymous said...

Right on DG. I would have done the same thing.

Desert Girl said...

George - got a copy you could scan/send me? I didn't see it.

Entitlement girl is now mad at ME for cancelling her party. Again, waaaaaaaaa.

Yes, it is true, she was not ever a "real" friend. There are real friends and then there are those who are just acquaintances. I tend to label acquantances as "friends" but I am very aware of the vast differences. I am no longer (alas) a starry-eyed teenaged girl looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. Nosiree.

Desert Girl said...

Hey George, I actually got a copy of the Friday Times and I didn't see my name anywhere. ?

Anonymous said...

Will check again ..i saw your name for sure..will try and get you the page details.

george said...

Did my earlier comment get through I wonder?