Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chairmen and Bankers and Flirts - oh MY!

I’ve been a right flirt lately and I’m having a great time with it. Charmant is an outstanding skill to have so I have found. A great rack doesn’t hurt either. Just sayin.

I’m running for the board of directors in two different business groups. I’ve already been appointed for one; I’ll get the results on the other later. I’m chuffed about it (“chuffed” means “really psyched” in Briddish). It just means that I’ll be busier, but it will be a good busier.

Where does the flirting come in? Oh…

I have been flirting with other members of the associations and enjoying myself immensely. I’ve had my flirt on with the Chairman of a big company for a long time. (NOT the Chairman of the company I work for.) He has been calling a LOT, but I know how powerful dudes work – if you show interest, they lose theirs. Ok, I have no power, but I find that I occasionally get that way. ‘If he likes me, then he’s not good enough for me.’ – kinda/sorta. So I think I will finally agree (after 6+ months of amusement) to go out with him. He sat next to me in the election meeting last night and he is HOT. He’s one of those secretive guys, so I really know nothing about his personal life, but he seems to move in a lot of the same circles I do – sans a madam. Innnnnnteresting. (Well, that doesn’t say much in Kuwaiti society, but I have never seen him anywhere with a madam – not that that says anything either.) Time will tell.

Then, there is The Banker. I caught him looking at me a few times, but couldn’t remember who he was. He came up to me after the meeting and started a conversation and then said, “Oh, you don’t remember me, do you?” I didn’t. I guess I was too immersed in my own world last night. He was the speaker at a meeting I went to several months ago and he gave me (and everybody else in the room) his business card. I didn’t think that he even noticed me. Hmmmmm. Yummmy. I was thinking at the time that I should write to him, but I didn’t. So I am going to give it a few days and then send him a message. During our brief exchange last night, he mentioned that he was “single” and I mentioned that I am “single” and then he drove off in his BIGASS BMW 7 series. Sigh. By his “single” I would like to know if that means that 1) he is married, but doesn’t have a girlfriend right now; 2) He is here and madam is somewhere else or the really good 3) he isn’t married and doesn’t have a monogamous relationship with anyone else. That would be a rare change, but not impossible. (There might be such a thing as a unicorn or Santa Clause too!)

Seeing these guys comes on the heels of my watching the Sex and The City episode when things are going great between her and Mr. Big (both The Chairman and The Banker are big guys). I was sitting on my sofa (no longer eating Doritos due to high blood pressure) wishing for a guy like that (although in real life, Chris Noth seems to be a bit of a weenie). I am not unlike a chubby Carrie Bradshaw (who can’t afford Jimmy Choos). That’s actually not true – I could afford a lot of stuff if I didn’t have my haphazard spending habits. I write just like she does. I date – not unlike her. I don’t squeal like her, however, and I don’t have her fashion sense. I do have unmanageable hair, however. I don’t think I would like my picture prominently displayed on the sides of busses with “Desert Girl knows good sex” as a tagline. I think I would prefer, “Desert Girl knows good flirt”. That would work (although probably not in Kuwait).

Do you know who else I think is a good flirt (it takes one to spot one)? The US ambassador. I’m not saying this in a derogatory way because I totally admire her. Maybe “flirt” is the wrong word. It isn’t as dignified as she deserves. “Charming” would be more appropriate. She is fer sure charming and disarming. Plus, she has that mischievous look in her eye every now and then like she is up to something and you want to get into her inner circle to find out what (look at her - what do you think she's up to?). Honestly, she is the coolest dignitary I’ve ever met. Can you count sheikhs in the “dignitary” category? I guess you can. Ok, then she is right up there with Sheikh Meteb (Saudi) who used to sit with me on the floor of his house in Virginia much to the astonishment of his servants. I loved that guy too – he was so down-to-earth and approachable.

I am missing my family a LOT right now – to the point where I get weepy just thinking about them. I don’t miss Virginia too much – I just miss being with my family and laughing at stupid things. I miss my mom wanting hugs and trying hard not to hug me at the same time because she knows I don’t like people getting too close. I miss the way my sister laughs; she gets so into it that no noise comes out and it is sometimes hard to tell if she is going to laugh or cry (or maybe both). I miss Alex’s quick whit and coming up with new insulting and disgusting phrases that only teenaged boys can shock you with. I miss Wayne because he is “a Constant”; he is always there to help and support everyone, but at the same time likes his space and respects yours. I miss the dogs; Bo always just-about to do something bad, Rascal sitting at my feet wanting love, and Lola sitting on the pillows above my head on the sofa. I miss my dad: even though he’s gone, he’s still there in the house – walking through the family room or sitting outside at the table.

Almost vacation time .


Anonymous said...

random comment.. but from the warm personality you exude, i would have guessed you for a hugger :)have a good weekend.. (p.s. i'm your mixed q8i-amer anony who comments sometimes lol)

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous - I have my huggy moments, but most of the time, I'm not a hugger. I don't know why. Its one of those personal space issues.

Rasputin said...

wandered on from bedu's blog.I like your'in the face', no nonsense style of writing. gonna attempt to read most if not all of your posts..cheers

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note from a "desert guy" ....Yes, I think the US Ambassador is ["hot" if you can address a diplomat that way] Charming. Great choice of words DG....