Thursday, November 20, 2008

Zain and the Al-Manshar Rotana Spa

So Not Zain....
Does your mobile phone often drop calls lately in Kuwait? I'm just wondering because I seem to be having that problem a LOT. Yet another reason why I pay my phone bill late. It is my personal protest (like honking my horns when I go over speed bumps that have obviously been created by homeowners, but with no consideration to car owners).

Al-Manshar Rotana Spa
I had a massage the other night at the Al-Manshar Rotana. OMG! It was fantastic. The young lady was slight (small frame) so I immediately assumed (incorrectly) that she wasn't going to be so great of a masseuse. Oh .... my...... God! Awesome! She knew the correct placement of all the stones (thank God), and she not only did the hot stones, but reflexology (feet) and deep tissue at the same time. Her name is Akshima and she ROCKS.

The spa is up on the roof. It is more like a spa-ette (like a "kitchenette") because there are only 2 treatment rooms, something like 6 lockers, and a teeny tiny jacuzzi/changing area/steam room/shower area. Thank God I was alone in there to undress because if I hadn't been, my elbows would have hit fleshy parts for sure.

I hate to negate the spa because the service and the treatment was superlative, but this has been rolling around my head, so I must dish: The mens and women's changing areas open up to a small hall which is also the hallway to the gym. Therefore, if you are even just taking the trip across the hall is kindof uncomfortable since in many cases (like mine), you are ONLY wearing the bathrobe. The bathrobes only go to your knees - which doesn't seem to be problematic, but it doesn't feel right when you are going commando. Again, this is not a time when you want to run into hunky businessmen staying in the hotel and making their way to the weight machines (mithilin). Unless you like that kind of exhibitionist behavior. Anyone standing at the desk or down the hallway can also see your business. Might I suggest a screen of some kind.... Ok, and the treatment rooms are tiny also. By tiny, I mean that if the masseuse was going to be some former discus player from the Ukraine, she wouldn't be able to navigate around the massage bed (maybe she could swing down from the ceiling on cables - Matrix-style?).

I'm just sayin that it is a beautiful property and as such, should have given more thought to their spa. They probably should consider taking the next floor down and turning it into a gym/spa.

There was no little guest soap, hairdryer, or products in the shower room. No no, 5-star....
They had only ONE song on ONE CD which played continually - it was a nice relaxation song, but dudes - at least buy a full CD.

On the positive, the whole spa was very clean and smelled fresh. The massage rooms were nicely furnished and colors were relaxing. The hot stones were the correct temperature, and they used good products. And the staff was friendly and professional. Also, the prices are slightly below the rest of the market. I recommend a visit.


Anonymous said...

That does it, I'm going to try out the massage next time. But what if the masseur is a guy? I'm too squeamish for that!
Schlumberger boy

Someday said...

so have you tried spatime at muhallab or royal hayat or aroma spa at marina?
I want to know in your opinion which is the best compared to this one?

Purgatory said...

I do not know how you can allow a women to touch your body ;p