Sunday, November 16, 2008

Is Yo Ride a Guzzler? The 2009 Green Vehicle Guide

The Arab Times had an automobile insert in the paper today which listed the top 10 gas guzzlers (not that we in Kuwait really giveashit, but ya know – good to know in a war of trivia, fer example). It is referenced from the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) 2009 Green Vehicle Guide. I don’t know what the AT criteria was, but there were vehicles on the list that got far worse gas mileage. The AT had the Chevy Suburban and the GMC Yukon XL listed as the worst gas guzzlers, but if you look at the guide, the Cadillac Escalade is actually worse at 11 mpg combined (the Escalade hybrid is way better at 20 mpg.)

Guess what car showed “N/A” for data: The Hummer H3 (plus a LOT of truck models from Ford, Chevy, and Dodge).

The car I’m driving, the “Jimms Enfoy” (that’s Bedu for GMC Envoy) comes in at 16 mpg; better than I thought. My sister’s Mercedes CL550 comes in at 17 mpg. Very interesting.

The entire Green Vehicle Guide can be found HERE or by going to the US EPA’s website at LINK. Although I would never own one (because I'm no longer a poor student who has to eat Ramen noodles and save quarters for gas), the Toyota Prius has an amazing combined city/highway gas mileage of 46 mpg. Wow. I wonder how many clowns they can pack in to it. Does Brad Pitt seriously drive one of those or is it just propoganda?


Anonymous said...

In Boston we are always always always surrounded by Prius's (Prii?). We are also always surrounded by tree-huggers....

Desert Girl said...

Prii!!! I LOVE that. Too funny. Boston is the Center of the Universe for tree hugging. Ok, I take that back, it is the East Coast tree hugging universe. I guess Berkley would be West Coast.

In Kuwait, we don't hug 'em, we chop 'em down. And no, chainsaws aren't used because that would cost something. Labor doesn't cost because it is cheaper than gas.

Kuwait's new motto: Come to Kuwait! We have no Bush! (Take that however you want. I crack myself up!)

Q8 Amirah said...

DG ~ you crack me up to ! LOL I actually read that twice and then literally cracked up laughing.

Umm I looked on that guide and I didn't see my "main" vehicle listed, but I do get about 30 miles per gallon of oats. ;-)