Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bunnies and Cats Etcetera

I went to a function at the Al Manshar Rotana on the rooftop around the pool this weekend. OMG - I have to tell you - it is the most beautiful setting I've been to in Kuwait. You can see all of Fahaheel from up there. The food was fantastic - just finger food, but really very good. They played light jazz (someone there obviously has good taste - finally!!!!) . I am going to try to rent out the place for a dinner party sometime. Amazingly gorgeous venue.
I was out with Bunny looking for apartments and I had while to sit and talk to a cat (me in the car, her on a brick). Bunny loves to make new friends and chat with harisses, so while he was in there on one of his visits to some apartment or another - Shaab, I believe - I struck up a conversation with a stray cat who seemed intent on making eye contact with me. As cats are supposed to be the messengers of the underworld, I asked this particular cat to get in touch with my djinnis (don't ask) and have them go look for a new home for me. I could ask my djinnis (genies) myself, but they are so lazy and really require an intermediary to get them moving.

Apparently, the had a nice chat because I have found a few very nice apartments now and people seem to have changed their attitude all of a sudden (or maybe it is just the beginning of the month and the bastards want their commissions). I, however, know it to be the cat. So, thank you, cat friend.

THANK YOU BUNNY! I have to send a special shout out to Bunny because I can't believe he has put up with all my merciless bitching, moaning, and complaining about how much I hate realtors (liars!) and dirty places. He has been kind and calm when I am in tatters and he takes me to buy chocolate and makes everything in my world okay again (until we get to the next place to look at). He has been with me after his work day is through; after he has picked up or dropped off various children and children of friends and other people; after going to his business; after fixing some car or another; after going to his course - all the time cheerful and happy to see me even though his eyes are so bloodshot and weary. He never pushes back when I have the need to be pushy; he just lets it go. He puts up with me through sick and sin and I just adore him for the kind of person he is.


JC said...

I heard once they served shisa up there...but when I went they said they didn't anymore...what's the deal?

Jewaira said...

Thank heaven for the Bunnies of this world ;-)

Desert Girl said...

JC - My friend told me that they serve shisha on the roof also. I dunno. Maybe they decided not to.

Yes! Hoooray for Bunnies! :)