Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Premarital Tests

The National Assembly passed a law on Tuesday that makes premarital testing for contagious or hereditary diseases compulsory in Kuwait. (Is there a test also to determine if one or both is a homosexual also cause I see that as a problem too.)

Sabah el kheir, dudes. Did they just figure this out? What was their first clue? Gee, cousins marry cousins marry cousins marry cousins marry cousins. Birth defects much or what? There is also another disease that isn't mentioned much 'round these parts: AIDS.

Well, this is not only good for the above, but it might help reduce the risks of other hereditary diseases as well - or at least doctors will know what to look for during a pregancy.

Good on ya, National Assembly. At least now it has been done. It just took a long time.

And next, bring on the DNA testing! :)


Q8 Amirah said...

Is there a test also to determine if one or both is a homosexual ?

No, that's only a multiple choice questionnaire right now ;)

Anonymous said...

A fact closely-held by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health is that Kuwait has one of the highest incidences of genetic birth defects/abnormalities in the world. Out of sight, out of mind seems to be the policy. AIDS in Kuwait? You're kidding, right? Only for the hoi polloi, not the royals or wannabe royals. Potentially embarrassing positive HIV test results mysteriously disappear from clinic or health department files.

Anonymous said...

The couple is still allowed to get married, even if the tests come back as High Risk or Unsafe.

I'm a Special Education teacher, and unfortunately I'd still have a job here if I had 3 clones and we all lived to be 500 years old. Parent Conferences get downright farcical, sometimes.

$iraj said...

I wonder what a test for homosexuals would be like ;). Perhaps Justin Timberlake's trance entwined "Lovesounds" being played or Geri Halliwell's "It's raining men", with a "pink" chorus and the baby grooving to dancing stupor in the ultrasound image. We can also have a gangsta wangsta hip hop bling bling for " Da Brotha From Da Hood " test! What's the happy haps? Deserves a post,eh?

Desert Girl said...