Monday, November 17, 2008

Little Things

I love this thing. I found it in Midas and I have no idea where I would put it (especially since I haven't officially signed on an apartment yet), but I love it. It is a ceiling lamp with little crystals hanging on fishing line, so it appears to be floating on air. So cool.

Midas has some really interesting furniture. I took Slapperella there recently and took her upstairs to the section that (as The Romanian says) has "too many colors". Slaps said it was "just too twee." I don't know the exact meaning of "twee", but I like it and the label seemed to fit. Anyhoo, I like the room - it is kind of Indian/Moroccan and reminds me a lot of an opera I saw once (don't remember the name - it was obscure). I would love a room like that, but I dont' see myself ever doing it.

I saw a rattan daybed thingy near the door that is waaaaaaaaay too expensive for my taste, so I'm hoping Special K from Midas will help a po' sistah out on a discount. Tee hee. Anyhoo, you rock and I love the store.

I found a store across the street from Home Centre in Shuwaikh (not Rai, but the one close to KFH off of 85 I believe). It has interesting wood object d'art. They also have all the spa supplies that Lavendar (Muhallab) sells. I think it is one of my new favorite stores and I can't remember the name right now. I bought 2 wood sculpture thingys that look like standing driftwood. Again, no idea where I'm going to put them, but I'm sure that once I find a home - they'll find a home!

Little finds make me happy.


Anonymous said...


The lamp reminded me of this:

I was at the museum in October (because 248am Mark wrote about it earlier) and I couldn't stop watching this.

Desert Girl said...

Thanks for commenting, Sultana. It is similar - very cool.

Anonymous said...

A non-related question.

Would you leave Kuwait if you were given the chance or have you bonded with it over the years... to the point where you wouldn't want to leave?

Desert Girl said...

3am: I have the chance to leave whenever I want. I travel a lot back and forth; one year I went back 5 times. I don't have a husband or children or a family in Kuwait. My job is ok, but it doesn't define me and at the end of the day, it is a job. I'm not poor in the US, nor is my family. I would say that after 12 years, I'm probably in the "point where you wouldn't want to leave" category. As much as I bitch about the problems here, I love Kuwait. :)

Having said that, I should leave because my mother is getting older and I love her dearly; I'm missing seeing my nephew growing up (he's 14 and he was 2 when I left). My sister is my dear friend.... I am surrounded by people who know my history there.

But alas, Kuwait is hard to kick.

vinz-Q8 said...

DG, Kuwait needs u....
There should be someone sincere like you to point out the wrong/good things.....
To be honest is the most difficult part of life.

Desert Girl said...

To the Anonymous commentor who left the remarks about my dear friend,The Romanian: sounds like you have been rejected by someone who bares no resemblance to my friend. I hope you get over your anger issues. Bless your heart.