Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Real Pier or Just Another Fake?

Pier One Imports is one of my favorite home furnishings stores in the US.

I was cruisin' with The Romanian this weekend (as usual) and I came across a Pier Import store in Dhajeej (Al Waha Mall behind the Immigration office). I'm wondering if it is a knock-off of the real Pier One or if it is their overseas/international brand. The logo design/color is almost the same. However, since there is already a grammatical error in the name (did they just import once and not in multiples as in "Imports"?), it is probably a knock off like the Domain store.

The store wasn't open (Friday? or because it isn't open yet - dunno - have to go back), but we looked through the window and the merchandise is similar to Pier One.

December 10 Update:

I bought a few items from Pier Imports over the weekend. It is indeed a bonafide branch of the Pier in the US, but it is a "Middle East Pier" - so says a sales person. The prices are still low by Kuwait standards, so run in there quick before everything gets marked up. I bought 2 funky chairs and a plant stand. They also have some very comfortable sofas that have that Domain or shabby chic appearance. Me likes.


Anonymous said...

I heard they had their opening. Maybe more a Pier One wannabe. . . but always fun to browse, you never know when you might find that one perfect thing.

vinz-Q8 said...

Did I see you there in Dhajeej?
I work in one of the offices in Waha Mall.
So, next time If i see a Jimmy Envoy near Waha Mall....that could be DG....

By the way, PIER IMPORT is not yet opened.I did the same few days back, looked through the window.

Anonymous said...

Of course it's a fake. But the furniture is pretty trendy!! They just opened a few weeks ago but the location is questionable. That picture threw me back a little because my office is right above "Pier". I'll be on the lookout for you DG.. Don't worry I'm not a stalker. But it would be pretty neat to find out about "The DG".. Your pretty popular amongst the expat community!! --Caliboy

Desert Girl said...

Intlxpatr - I shop. It is what I do. Leave no store left unturned!

Ah Caliboy and Vinz, are you ITT-er's? :)The company I work for is part of the group that owns Waha Mall. Quick question - howz the maintenance?

I used to work in Dhajeej. Hated it. We used to get sick just using the ladies room (no joke) in the office. As I recall, there weren't a whole lota blondes out thar, but that was prior to the 03 push.

Desert Girl said...

Oh, by the by - can't any of these retailers (AND others) come up with a single original idea?

The guy who owns Midas certainly did. He branded his company and it is well known (and pretty cool I might add) in the community.

Anyhoo, I'll check out "Pier" or "Pierre" or whoeverthaF he is and let y'alls know.

vinz-Q8 said...

I have a request DG, could u inform your senior officials that the watchman for Waha Mall (Egyptian guy) is taking/demanding his commission from the Bengali cleaners in waha mall.

I came to know this when i gave a tip to the bengali for carrying my Cartons to our office.Those poor bengali earns very little from Almulla cleaning co.

Please see to it that this egyptian guy gets fire in his ass!

Desert Girl said...

Unfortunately, I don't think our guys would do anything about it, but what we can do is go there and collectively kick his ass. Your thoughts?

vinz-Q8 said...

kiss his ass? Egyptian ass?? yukkkk

Maybe the cleaners will kick his ass one day........hope its soon.Maintenance is the worst, the complex always runs out of water and the Fire alarm goes ON once in a while.Luckily I have a fire alarm just above my cabin !!!

DG, i dont work for ITT

Desert Girl said...

K I C K his ass

kick (kik)

intransitive verb

to strike out with the foot or feet, as in anger

Anonymous said...

I'm the ITT'er:) That place is empty most of time. I don't recall having any maintenace issues on "The Pier One" side. Then again i've been on board for 4 months so I'm pretty green to the bldg. I'm pretty sure they are open though because I walk past them everyday after work. Not too much business though, could be the "Primo" location.. I'm on the DG hunt too. What color is your Envoy.. I haven't met a celebrity out here yet... --Caliboy

Anonymous said...

I was looking for a pier 1 import and one day I saw that building near immigration area farwaniya.Most of my furnitures/items when I was in Los Angeles came from pier 1 import and now I saw that the store's name was pier import.Before I left LA I asked one of their branch store in hollywood blvd if they have pier 1 import esp in kuwait (branches overseas) and they said no but they got branches in PUERTO RICO