Monday, September 03, 2012

Premium Choice

I have been remiss in posting about Premium Choice.  I wrote about them a while ago after I saw their ad in Bazaar Magazine.  I hadn't tried them, but just posted about them - that meat, seafood and deserts are available online (similar to Omaha Steaks).  I later found out that they are somehow affiliated with Agility, so the supply chain is going to guarantee good quality food.

The people at Premium Choice wrote back to me almost immediately saying, "Try us."  No hard sell; no pressure to post on my blog; no offer of monetary compensation.  They just said they wanted my feedback on the whole process from registration to taste and offered me a voucher.  And they were very nice and friendly about it.  This was several months ago and they haven't been hounding me for a review or anything.

I registered - which was an easy process.  I ordered the "exotic barbecue" which included 1 pack of scallops, 2 whole cooked lobsters (rock lobsters, not red), and 1 black angus T-bone steak. Yummmm. 

The delivery guy appeared on time (they give you timeframes).  He was really friendly.  The items were all still hard-frozen and vacuum-packed.  I still want the Omaha Steak cooler, though.  I think Premium Choice should order some. 

So I got all the food... and then I got diagnosed with the betes and freaked out about all foods in general.  The food has been in my freezer and I have been waiting to try the food to post about them.  I'll have to do an update later to let you know how they were.

Check them out on  They take KNET.

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Anonymous said...

Is this company still in business? I went to their site and it has only one item for sale.