Saturday, September 15, 2012

Anti-Islamic Film

I wasn't going to post about it either, but my friend, American Girl, did such a stellar job at putting what amounts to my perspective into her post, that I am re-posting it.

I wasn’t going to blog about this but things have gotten so out of hand I decided I would. If for no other reason than my own personal documentation. An article about the film, the producers, and the people who acted in it can be found here, the rest of my post will be about my own views of the situation. [source]
My husband and I spent a few minutes watching the film. Certainly not because we agree with the content or because we support the film-makers. But because we really just needed to how it could cause so much conflict around the world. At this point, Embassies (US, British, and German) have been destroyed in different countries and innocent people have lost their lives over nonsense. As of last night, in Lebanon, a KFC came under attack because it’s an American franchise. There’s just no excuse.
The film itself is poorly made and very amateur. I won’t be posting a link to it or embedding it here. I have no interest in bringing more attention to it than it deserves. While watching it we literally laughed… hysterically (it was that bad). We weren’t angry, bitter, or overwhelmed with a desire to become violent. We know who we are and what we believe in. Why would we allow the words of a silly stranger make us feel any different about ourselves?
But the answer to ignorance and small minds is not violence. Killing innocent people does nothing other than validate all the stereotypes Arabs and Muslims fight so hard to prove wrong. These attacks on Embassies and people are a step back and are unjustified. Sometimes words make more of an impact than actions. And sometimes, ignoring those who seek attention (the film-makers) speaks louder than words. If someone calls you a derogatory name do you blow up their home and kill their family? Of course not.
Sadly this film has done exactly what the producers had hoped for; they got attention and manipulated emotions of strangers around the world. They’ve not only caused people to murder others, but they’ve also shed negative light on the Middle East and Muslims. Why give them so much power?
My deepest condolences to all who have lost their lives and their family members. There’s no human who is more valuable than another. It’s not our place to decide who lives or dies, or to judge one another — regardless of how negative their intentions may be.
Islam teaches tolerance and acceptance of other’s beliefs. What we’re witnessing in the media right now isn’t the act of Muslims, but instead, barbaric behavior of a few manipulated weak men.


American Girl said...

Awww thank you. I'm always honored when you re-post my posts. You're such an honest, caring, genuine person and I'm flattered to often discover we share similar insights.

Anonymous said...

I saw the film too. Its downright stupid. It probably said more about the people who made the film and their supporters. However, it is the people from this part of the world that took and stoked the flames. I am not religious and I don't go for 'organized' religion, but my question to 'believers' especially people who don't question irrational beliefs, why don't the vast majority of moderate believers stand against the extremists? Why is there no reform in society? Why do people kill in the name of God? We say that everyone is tolerant, then why are we seeing intolerance everywhere? Why do governments/states use religion, when it is supposed to be a very personal thing between you and your God? In the anniversary of 9/11, it might be a time to reflect. So much of wonderful positive energy and the potential of life, is wasted.