Thursday, September 13, 2012

9/11 Remembrance in Kuwait

I attended a 9/11 remembrance event last night.  It was a very moving experience:  several short poem recitals, sermons given by military chaplains,  and an emotional speech given by US Ambassador to Kuwait, Matt Teuller. 

He tried to maintain his composure as his thoughts turned to his friend, Chris Stevens, and how the world has been caught in acts of violence; and about the importance of maintaining your faith and hope.  I'm glad I had the opporutnity to hear Ambassador Teuller speak about the events in Libya because it became human to me; more than just an article in the news.  He talked about how much Ambassador Stevens wanted to help Libya and the Libyan people.  What a tragically ironic turn of events.

Following the speaches and prayers, we formed a line, took a single flower, and each of us threw it into the waters of the Gulf, saying our own silent prayers to those who have fallen, and those family members and friends who have been left behind.  "Amazing Grace" played softly in the background as the sun was setting.

While we were seated at dinner, I received a message saying that Stealth's beloved nephew had died in a car accident on 9/11.  They were so close and my thoughts go out to him today as they bury him. 

Hope goes on.  Life continues.  You can only try to make the best out of each day.  And, of course, try to have compassion for those who are left behind.

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