Sunday, September 02, 2012

Blue Moon

'Twas a blue moon weekend.  I didn't know this, but the Romanian pointed it out and now it all makes sense. Well, I knew it on Friday which is kind of why Thursday made sense (which, at the time on Thursday, Thursday was making no sense to me, but now I get it).

And... I was over-served Thursday night.  Not my fault.  Not my fault I flirted relentlessly and changed my name to "Becky" for a man I have met a total of 2 times in my life.  Well, slap me and call me.... Becky, I guess.  Dayum.  Perhapsee he was over-served too.  Unfortunately, not over-served enough that we ended up making out in a corner somewhere like we were in high school.  God knows....

Jose makes me a bad girl.  Again, not my fault.

The Romanian was with me.  We saw Abu Teez (the man with the biggest ass in Kuwait).   Take a look around next Thursday night at the asses in the room.  You'll know who I'm talking about when you see it.   I don't know how there are any refreshments left in Kuwait with him around and he's like a permanent fixture.  We both remarked how his ass really hasn't gotten any smaller since we've known him; nor his ego for that matter.  We always have a Mexican stand-off. We'll see each other and pretend we don't know each other until one of us is right in the others' face and then we'll be completely fake with the greetings, "Oh hiiiiiiiiii.  How aaaaaaaaaaaaare you?" and then turn our backs and make faces. 

(You know - I assign people nicknames, and then I can't remember their real names.  It's not like I can fake-greet him and say, "Hiiiiiiiiiiii, Abu Teez. How aaaaaaaaare you, Abu Teez?"  Maybe I should try it sometime and see what happens.  It would be way less fake.)

Things kinda bothered me that night. I know I have only been back in Kuwait for what - 2 weeks?  All is not well.  I feel the wind of change at my back.  Pero, change is good.  Widen the circle. Expand the horizons....

I miss hanging out with our crazy Kuwaiti girlfriends and going to parties where we are the only foreigners.  I miss those days (prior to 2003 when my novelty as a blonde Westerner kind of wore off).  The Romanian and I love the parties where there is a Kuwaiti band and you spend all night dancing until the sun comes up.  Wanasa.  Eeeee wallah wanasa.  How many nights did we spend in Funaitees at the farms; driving down those little alleys in the Stealth?  Now there isn't even a trace left of that area.  I miss it.  Kabd is the new Funaitees now, but it is so far up there and it just isn't the same.  My Kabd buddies have been calling me to go there. 

I read my tarot cards on Friday night.  It says that an old love will re-enter my life....  WAIT.  Rewind!  Hold it right there!  I don't WANT that card.  Send it back to the pile.  That's not change!   If it is what I think it is - no.  No more drama.  No more baby mama drama.  No more hurt.  No more lame excuses. Let that all stay in the past.  Don't even think about it.  I'm done.  There's nothing left to talk about.

But then Bu Merdas stopped by and I'm think'kin... maybe it's him.   He would be okay.  I would agree to that.  He's from the past - we've known each other about 10 years.  But he's so moody and that kind of drives me crazy (in a bad way.  The rest of him kind of drives me crazy in a good way).  Plus he has the most perfect eyebrows I've ever seen on a man.  No, he doesn't do all that manscaping stuff - he's just got naturally good eyebrows.  Naturally good broad shoulders.  Naturally good deep voice.

[UPDATE:  It is Bu Merdas. :)  I'm glad. ]

Something is about to happen.  Tarot says so.  I can feel it.  It's all good.

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