Sunday, September 23, 2012

Home Repair Handyman Services Update

This is an update to the post I wrote on September 9th about discovering Home Repair Services (handyman services).
I received a very nice note following my initial post from the owner of Home Repair, inviting me to try their services.  I had the "opportunity" immediately; when water started flooding my kitchen.

It is unfortunate that my landlady is of no use to me in emergencies.  I won't elaborate on that, but I would much rather just get it done - in a timely manner - by myself. 

I called Home Repair and literally 45 minutes later, there were 3 men standing in my kitchen.  Within minutes, they had determined the cause of the problem, fixed it, and had mopped my entire floor.  The cost was very reasonable and I was SO HAPPY that I had called them:  Professional, friendly, courteous, AND they cleaned!   They had the parts with them and it was all done so quickly. 

I highly recommend these guys.  They are going to come back and do some other little things for me later.  I am very impressed; and as we all know in this market, that is not always an easy accomplishment.


Anonymous said...

I had a disaster at the weekend with a tap that burst and we couldn't turn it off as we do not appear to have a stop clock in our house. I remembered reading about DG using some company so thought I would give them a go. They were excellent, sorted the problem in a timely manner and very reasonably charges. They have a loyalty card system so you get a discount everytime you use them.

Julie Daniels said...

I love great customer service! Thanks for sharing your review!
The Handyman

Jenkins Bird said...

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Apanshka said...

Very best services of handyman.I really found the very great information about their service.thanks for sharing this information about their services.

Anonymous said...

They are not picking my calls. Are they still in the market