Sunday, September 23, 2012

I got sprayed

So, The Romanian's son gets married on the day after tomorrow.  SHE has been at the Corniche Club daily for the past 10 days or so working on her tan.  Pasty-white me?  Not so much. I don't like to sit out in the sun.   I do tan-in-a-can.

It has been a while since I've had it done in Kuwait.  I was still thinking that Strands had the same kind of wax-on/wax-off treatment (similar to having a massage, you get neked, lie on a table and a girl exfoliates your skin with a scrub (stop it, pervs!).  Then, you go shower and come back to have the color applied.  It was like getting a massage and a scrub for one price.

I found out that they do spray tan.  So, I'm thinkin' it is the kind that I had in the States; similar to a car wash where you stand in a booth and get sprayed up and down by a machine and then blow-dried.  (Yuh huh - they do too!).

I was a little disturbed when I saw this:

It looks like something that Toddlers and Tiaras do to the little'uns before their big pageants (only not in the back yard).  I thought, 'No, no, no!'  C'est impossible!  But it turned out much better than I thought.  I think Honey Boo Boo gets air-brushed, so why not me?  It is a lot more thorough than a spray-tan machine and not harmful like a tanning bed.  I did a lot of lifting of arms and legs to get the most coverage, but that's exactly what I wanted.

So, now I'm darker than The Romanian.  HA!  And for less work.

Now people at work are going to think I'm faking being sick.  I strategically scheduled the appointment on a Sunday evening so they would see me white one day and dark the next; miraculously over night.  Maybe they'll think that I'm having liver problems... It would actually make sense to those who know me really well....  Did somebody say, "Tequila shots!"??

.... My God my teeth look white!

Thanks, Strands!


Morning-After Update

You have to update the morning after you wash all the spray tan tonic off. That is the true determining factor if the spray tan is good or not.

It's good!

The only problem area I have is around my fingers (which is normal - you can scrub most of that off).  No streaks because technician-lady "buffed" me all over (stop it, pervs!).

Overall - great fake tan.


Anonymous said...

LoL...too funny....MMM Tequilla!

Expat and the City said...

Feel better soon DG. :)

Did the spray tan leave u a naturally tan color or a bit orange tinted? What do they charge per session and do they offer packages with exfoliation?

Desert Girl said...

Hi Expat,

Thanks. I'm determined to feel better by tomorrow!

They charge 20KD and that does not include exfoliation. It is quite natural-looking; not orangy (I typed "orgy" tee hee).

Thanks for mentioning me in your posts and Twitter, BTW! :)

Anonymous said...

hope you feel better soon too DG! and its good to know you didnt tan your teeth....
The sun is round () the moon is crscent ) The Beach is that way >>>
Get well soon...

UmKhaloodie said...

What kind of tan is it? 20kd is fabulous! I had it done once here at soho many years ago and it turned out a bit orange.
I'm a bit of a st. tropez addict. I bring a bottle back from UK with me everytime I come back.
Is that a tent though? Seriously? LOL

Ali Albaghli said...

"Maybe they'll think that I'm having liver problems... It would actually make sense to those who know me really well.... Did somebody say, "Tequila shots!"??"

I could be misunderstanding but liver failure causes jaundice. That makes you yellow. Literally. Its most and and usually first noticed in the eye ball when the eye turns yellow. But your skin could get a yellow tint also. Sorry I know this isn't relevant.

OrMan said...

Lolz... idk how i ended up here! I was reading about politics in Madrid XD
Americans living Kuwait?!! you guys should make a tribe called "al-amreky" and make an alliance with one of the main tribes for protection and economic backup.. jk :p

Desert Girl said...

Yes Ali: Jaundice. That is the word I was struggling for.

Anonymous said...


I am looking to get a spray tan - where did you get yours done?

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 10:38 -

Strands in Salmiya.
Phone: 2571-1237
They also offer exfoliation treatment before the spray.