Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Kuwait: Not quite ready for it

From blog:

“IT’S A MAN’S WORLD” Exhibition, Al M GalleryKuwait, March 6, 2012:   Opening of Shurooq Amin’s anticipated exhibition “It’s A Man’s World” in Al M GalleryKuwait.  The gallery was packed! People were stunned with Shurooq’s exotic paintings that bravely reveals the hidden side, unspoken stories of Arab -specifically- Kuwaiti men. Policemen came into the gallery because an anonymous called them claiming Shurooq’s artworks are “pornographic”!   Shurooq & Al M Gallery owners were notified to either pulldown the paintings & suspend the exhibition, close the gallery, pay penalty or go to JAIL! Shurooq was updating us through twitter and my fellow blogger Abrar Al-Shammari  launched a campaign through her blog and Twitter to support Shurooq by adding #painttofreedom to all tweet related to the event.   Shurooq tweeted that they all left the gallery & managed to let the policemen leave after pulling down some “provocative” paintings!   I received the following email from Al M Gallery (in the morning). 

“Dear friends,
We would like to thank you for having participated the Opening “It’s a Man’s World” yesterday night.  Unfortunately, the exhibition of Shurooq Amin is temporarily suspended and for the moment we cannot release any information about the situation. We apologize for the inconvenience.  Please follow our updates n Twitter and Facebook. Best regards,  Al M Gallery”

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