Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Freej Swaileh

Why is it that when restaurants have it right, they go wrong?

For years, Freej Swaileh in Salmiya has been one of my favorite Kuwaiti restaurants; good food, good value.  Bada bing.  But we ordered from them the other night and not only have their portions been cut by 2/3, but get this - WHERE'S THE MEAT???  SAME PRICE....

I ordered tashreeba with lamb (kinda like a Kuwaiti lasagna with bread instead of noodles). I love tashreeba and I know the proper way to cook it also (but it takes time that I usually don't have).

Stealth called Freej.  He is (like me) one of those people who gets bent out of shape by delivery food injustices.  He's Kuwaiti, so he can complain far more eloquently than I can. (Although several times I have seen him go OFF on managers because they neglected to deliver either chili peppers or pickles, but that is besides the point. Boy loves his peppers...)   He was very polite to dude who answered the phone.... "There was no meat in the lamb tashreeba."  The answer he got was that it was just MADE with lamb in the broth.  Uh.. NOOOOOO.  That is NOT how you serve it.  You serve it WITH the lamb - usually big chunks of it.  That's like boiling a hotdog and only giving someone only the water!  Ridiculous!   "You go and ask the owner (Kuwaiti) if he serves tashreeba in his home without any meat.  That's just shameful."

It makes me feel bad for promoting Freej Swaileh so heavily if they are going to pull stunts like this cheap maneuver on consumers.

And yes, publicly bitching about it does make me feel better.

Has anybody else had this problem with them?

Freej dudes:  Let me let you in on a little secret.  You have competition; lots of it.  Kuwaiti restaurants are popping up all over the place.  You better get on the ball or places like Setinat, Bait Dixon, or Shatiya Wateya (which is also on are going to kick your ass on market share.  Dude!

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