Saturday, March 24, 2012

African Night by Indigo Shadows

My friend, Lorie Beverly of Indigo Shadows invited me to an event she produced.  She had told me almost a year ago that she was interested in doing an event and when it came around, I was just so tired that I almost bowed out; however, she is an amazing friend and I would do anything for her and to support her, so I went.  I am so glad I did.

Lorie is a magician at pulling things together.  She is an "outward processor" meaning that she usually talks her thought process through verbally instead of internalizing it.  She's full of boundless energy which is sometimes too much for an old 29 year old like me.  I don't know how she does what she does, but she is extremely good at it; as well as being very very ethical in how she chooses to conduct her business.  Qualities which I strongly admire.

She created Indigo Shadows to produce children's events and parties.  Although I haven't been to any of those (and can't say that I would ever promise to because of my desire to always be in peace and quiet) the events that I have attended like the Africa Night have been very entertaining.

The event was held at a ballroom at the Holiday Inn in Salmiya; a ballroom that I didn't know existed, but was so pretty that I will recommend to people later.  There was a small vendor area for African gifts at the entrance and the main hall was decorated with hand-painted animal scenes like lions and elephants and a 3-D cat in a tree.  The event consisted of dancers, a singer from Nigeria, singing by an African congregation in Kuwait, a fashion show, a raffle, and drum recitals by the guys from the Meat Company (shout out to my cousin, Desmond, from South Africa!!! Love you, bro!). The Holiday Inn's buffet (although not African) was very very good.  It was all really well done and everyone in the room had a great time.

Lorie, thank you so much for your hospitality and for another wonderful evening.  I know you did so much work and I look forward to your next event.

Indigo Shadows Event Planning specializes in quality children's events.   For information, contact Lorie Beverly at 9995-5403 or


Anonymous said...

So I was reading your very old post on Kuwaits nightlife. I am sure you get this very often but I will ask anyway....where do you go to meet the right people to find out/recieve invites to these "functions". I have been in Kuwait for 8 months now, yes I am an American, and have enjoyed the many cultural aspects this city has to offer....but alas, I feel that need to slip out at night and venture into the more risque side of Kuwait, I know its there. I can see it in the locals faces and feel the excitement in the city on the weekends, but I have yet to find it!!

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 11:12 - first and foremost, make Kuwaiti friends. Then, the invitations come.

Anonymous said...

On a different subject - How is your friend doing in the hospital?

Anonymous said...

There are many Fans Pests or Stalkers of this Blog............Alot are in the same situation here in Kuwait and at the very least the one thing we all have in common is this blog . Thats the start .....
So why not have a Meet and Greet sometime ?